Thursday, August 30, 2007

Seasonal Changes

Though recent temperatures say otherwise,summer is nearly over.The sun sets earlier now.It is colder in the mornings.I hear a symphony of crickets each night as I drift off to sleep.Their familiar chorus eases my mind and lulls me to sleep.I slumber peacefully.The season of harvest is upon us.The time of pumpkins and scarecrows.Of cornucopias spilling their abundance over a freshly mowed pile of hay or upon a glistening dining room table.It is the season of God's bounty and of our gratitude for His bounty.And we rejoice in His goodness to us!What are you rejoicing about today?

Blessings Abundant~Sharon


sparrow's song said...

Your words paint a wonderful picture of Autumn. I'll miss summer but I'm looking forward to having the windows open for a time before the cold sets in.

What are you rejoicing about today?

I'm rejoicing for improved health and a safe home.
Bless God!

Sharon said...

Hi Sparrow!
Praise the Lord for improved health and a safe home!God is very good,is He not?Thank you for your kind words.Autumn is my favorite season of all...can you tell?Big grin...I welcome it's fiery color and wonderfully cooler temps.
Much Love and Blessings~Sharon

Nancze said...

Dear Sharon, yes fall is well on it's way, not quite here yet, but getting closer. I look forward to the harvest and milder temps. I too love books and to read. The book on a spiritual journal would be a real interest to me. I will have to keep a look out for it. Maybe you can share some tidbits from it in helping a person to do it. I love to read the Psalms and Proverbs so much. Each day is one to rejoice in. Love and Blessings

tonia said...

Yes! I am so excited for autumn to favorite time of the year. No sadness over summer's departure here! :)

Sharon said...

So good to see you here again!Glad we share so much in common!I will look the book over and see what tidbits I can share...It seems Autumn is arriving early here if the trees colors are any indications.I so look forward to the cooler temps.I've never done"hot"very well.:-)There are several good books out on journal keeping...At least that's what I hear.I've journaled off and on for much of my life but really began in earnest back in 2004-2005.It's really simple...Blessings~Sharon

Sharon said...

Amen sister...LOL...this particular seasonal transition has always been my favorite.Growing up in Sacramento with my Irish coloring and such was not easy...I burn very easy.My ancestors come from Ireland and England and coastal places in Ireland at least.Foggy,cool and damp climates seem to better suit me however I do love the energy boosting and mood brightening effects of the sun!Just not the heat and sunburn...Blessings and thanks so very much for stopping by.
In Him,Sharon

Suzanne said...

Hi Sharon,
The word "envy" isn't in my vocabulary, but if it were, I'd say "I envy all of you who witness God opening his paintbox of colors upon the trees." We don't have much of an autumn here in the desert.

What am I rejoicing about today?
My hubby has been plagued with fatigue for a few months and has been feeling almost normal the past few days. YAY God!

Sharon said...

Hey Suzanne!
Good to"see"you!Yes,it is a blessing to see the colors change.However I have seen some stunning"desert"photography of other things as well.We camped overnight in Oregon's high desert once and I never forgot that trip!The wildlife and the stars at night were out of this world!Simply breathtaking!Glad hubby is doing better.What caused his fatigue?Sleep apnea?
Blessings~Sharon :-)

Temlakos said...

Love the picture--about harvest, that is. Do you know that here it is, barely into September, and already the drugstores have their "Halloween" candy out? Some of them, anyway. But at least some of the stuff they put out has a harvest theme, not an occult or "horror film" theme.

But at least the ninety-degree days are done--or they are where I live.

Sharon said...

Hi Terry!
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog.Glad you liked the picture.I like it too.I saw a similar fellow out on a porch we drove by recently and was inspired.Smile.I was shopping at our local Dollar Tree with Steve recently.They had Christmas wrap up already in the back of the store!I just hate to see occultic stuff out too at this time of year.I hate horror stuff.Gives me the creeps.I learned very early on in life that I could not watch that stuff.It's hot and cloudy here right now as I type this.I am hopeful our hot weather is gone soon but I am not so sure it is...Once again,thanks for stopping by.Please feel free to look around...Blessings and Peace in Christ~Sharon G.

Ruth said...

Hi Sharon,

Thanks so much for posting on my blog in August. I'm learning how this works now and want to get into the habit of responding.

You have a beautiful way with word descriptions. The fall is my favorite time of year around here.


Sharon said...

Hi Ruth!
Thanks so much for stopping by my Blog and for your very kind words.:-)I have loved Autumn since growing up in Sacramento.California summer's were too hot for my "Irish"complexion.Summers often found me under a tree with a book and/or radio.When I joined my friends and family in the sun I paid for it later with a nasty sunburn with in an hour!Oregon's climate suits me far better.I'm glad God moved me here in 1991!Hope you have a blessed week Ruth!
Blessings~Sharon :-)