Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Bountiful Harvest

We praise Thee, O Lord, for the bountiful harvest,That now has been gathered and garnered with care;Rewarding the toil of the sower and reaper,While all in its blessings may share.

For the bountiful harvest,We praise Thee, we thank Thee and bless Thee, O Lord:For the bountiful harvest,We praise Thee and bless Thee, O Lord.

We praise Thee, O Lord, for the bountiful harvest,We praise Thee for sunshine, the dew and the rain;For soft summer breezes so gracefully bending,The bright golden billows of grain.

We praise Thee, O Lord, for the wonderful tokenThat shines as it shone on Thy servants of old,The pledge and assurance that seedtime and harvest,From earth Thou wilt never withhold.

We praise Thee, O Lord, for Thy wonderful mercies,And while to Thy glory our voices we raise,O Thou that regardest the prayers of Thy people,Accept our thanksgiving and praise.

~Fanny Crosby~


Nancze said...

Dear precious Sharon, I have much to be thankful for and your friendship is among the best on the list. God is so good to have put you into my life. I think of you often and pray you are well and happy this holiday season. Love and ~hugs~

Sharon said...

Bless your heart.Thank you so much for your kind comments.I feel the same way about you dear friend and sister.I pray that you are totally blessed this holiday season.Love you Nancze...
Sharon :-)

sparrow's song said...

Beautiful praise!! Sometimes the gifts of God are overwhelming because they're so wonderful. We have never done or could never do anything to deserve sharing His wonders and yet He desires to share all that He is and creates.

Your posted photos compliment your posts nicely.

I'm feeling much better, thank you.

Sharon said...

Amen Sparrow!Overwhelming indeed!Thank you for stopping by and for your kind words as well.Glad you are feeling better.:-)

Paul said...

Hi Sharon,

What a beautiful picture, it is truly overwhelming and shows the awesomness and beauty of the Master Artist.

I give thanks to the Father for the many wonderful friends that He has given me and for bringing me through last four years, so that I would be able to share how great and bountiful He is.

That what He has begun He will finish, and that latter will be greater than the former.

Blessings my friend,

Writing for the King,


Sharon said...

Praise the Lord!Good to see you brother Paul.He has truly given us so much to be thankful for.That picture came with my Dell when we bought it new.I think it's stunning.God truly is the master artist!Have a blessed day.Good to see you brother...
Sharon :-)

Maxine said...

A belated happy Thanksgiving, Sharon! Wonderful words of praise and thanks from our old friend Fanny. Bless you and yours.