Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.I hope that you enjoyed a good meal,surrounded by those you love.We did.Though it was small(my husband and myself,daughter and granddaughter)and though it was short-lived(husband had thrown his back out and needed a nap)it was wonderful anyhow.Our daughter is a really good cook so we enjoyed our meal immensely.And we were thankful to have been able to gather with even a small portion of our family.We were even blessed with a crisp,sunny day.That does not often happen this time of year in Oregon and we loved it!So,now it's beginning to look alot like Christmas.I love it!Some of our neighbors have hung large,lovely wreaths on their doors.They look so very festive with their huge red bows.Our town has added it's Christmas decorations to the street lights on First Avenue/Cascade Highway.Christmas ads abound.Okay,I could do without the ads.The only things that's missing is some snow.It's been cold enough here to snow.Or it was anyhow.But there was not enough moisture in the air.Now that we have the moisture,the temperatures have risen to well above freezing.Life is like that sometimes.But I digress.I want to see some snow.I grew up in Sacramento,CA.I always wondered why they played "White Christmas"in a place that never sees snow.Then,in later years I discovered the first part of the song which talks about orange and palm trees swaying..That I could identify with for we had both trees in our yard.Then I moved to Oregon in 1991.It was an El Nino winter that year.Very dry.Cold.No snow.The next winter was completely different.I was newly married and Salem saw 16 inches of snow that winter.16 inches right outside my door!What bliss for this former Californian now married to a former Michigander.Husband took every opportunity he could to do doughnuts in the local grocery store parking lot.I held on for dear life.Big grin.We have not seen a winter like that since then.We have had some snow but nowhere near 16 inches.I love the way snow covers everything with it's pure whiteness.The way sounds are quieted.Muffled under it's blanket of cold powder.I love watching it fall.Hoping to see it stick and rejoicing when it does.It's novelty has still not worn off.It reminds me of Christmas.Of celebrating our Saviour's birth.Rejoicing in His goodness.Being grateful for His many gifts.And like that snow that covers the earth,falling gently from His heaven,we have His grace,to cover our sin.Our flaws.Our moments of humanity.I think that's why I really love snow.It reminds me of Him.
~Image courtesy of Snapshots of Joy~


Jo said...

Dear Sharon,
How kind you were to bless me so with your words! I praise the Lord that he blessed your time at our blog (for it certainly His... I am mortal and nothing else) and have enjoyed my time at yours as well. You offer very stirring, inspiring thoughts and it is such a joyous pleasure to "meet" fellow writers and sisters in Christ.
Keep on writing, my friend!
- Jo

Sharon said...

Bless your heart Jo and thank you for stopping by with such kind encouragement.We are indeed mortal,blessed to be children of an immortal God!Amen?:-)It is an immense joy and pleasure for me to meet fellow writers and sisters in the Lord as well.

chrisd said...

I'm glad you and your family had a nice time!

It was lovely here in the Chicago area. No snow yet. The kids are waiting eagerly!

chris from Christian Corner of writers

ps the music is absolutely beautiful

Sharon said...

Hi Chris!
Thanks so very much for stopping by and commenting!We may see some snoe tomorrow afternoon so I am just a wee bit excited here.LOLI know I'm a 46 year old woman BUT when it comes to snow I am a child again.:-)I love this music too and was so excited to add it to my blog's sidebar.The best part was how easy it was to add it to my blog(no code to add;praise God for I am "code challenged"LOL).Have a blessed day Chris.
Love~Sharon :-)