Sunday, November 18, 2007

My Funny Family

I've been blessed.I was born into a family that values humor and laughter.And I married a man who is extremely funny.People who have run into one of my younger sisters have said the thing they remember about me from High School was my sense of humor.Funny thing is I don't recall being all that funny in High School.I remember being shy.But I digress.As I said I married an incredibly funny man.Our granddaughter has inherited the funny gene too.Recently I overheard the following conversation between my husband(also known as Bapa)and our granddaughter Hope."Bapa,will you get me a glass of water?I can't reach that high.""Okay Hope,but do you have 27 cents?"Hope then replied"No Bapa,I don't have any cents,only dollars."Laughter from the adults ensued.I've known some adults who had more dollars than cents(sense).Huge grin.That's one for the journals I think.I hope this little story from my life has brought a smile to your face today.Or even a full belly laugh.It's so healthy on so many levels.No wonder the writer of Proverbs said that a merry heart was good like medicine.Have a blessed day.
~Image courtesy of Snapshots of Joy~


sparrow's song said...

"I don't have any cents"

Hahahahaha! Humor in families is a wonderful gift.

You're right, there is something important about laughing healthwise. I'm thinking to moments of bursting out in laughter and the feeling is priceless.

I have this stuffed bear in my back car window sentimentally symbolic of my husband who I refer to as my bear. He had been cleaning the back window and moved the bear and then replaced it in backwards so that the caboose was in view. He claims he did it by accident when questioned later but I wonder. Anyhoo, I finally noticed coming out to the car in the Target parking lot and bursted out in laughter so loud that the people in the lot area looked over in wonder. But I kept chuckling as I reaching in and straightened it around. I wonder how many people got a shot of the bear from that angle. It left me with such a wonderful feeling.

I've been sick for a few days and this morning I'm still not as chipper as I should be. But thank you for staring my day off with smiles.

Sharon said...

Hi Sparrow...
Thanks so much for sharing your amusing story.:-)I hope you are well soon.Do you have any Thanksgiving plans?

sparrow's song said...

We just planned a quiet dinner at home with some family activities.

Sharon said...

Our Thanksgiving was quiet as well.Just us and our daughter and granddaughter.I miss the huge family gatherings of years past but must adjust to this new season instead of longing for the old.