Wednesday, May 07, 2008

6 Random Things Meme

I've been tagged by friend and sister in the Lord"Jo"over at"The Road Less Traveled."Here are 6 random things from yours truly:

1.)Though I live in the Pacific Northwest where coffee reigns supreme I cannot have nor do I like this liquid energy.The caffeine is not allowed due to the atrial fibrillation that has often gotten my heart out of rhythm.And I have never liked the taste of the stuff though I have tried it in many flavors in my youth.Give me caffeine free tea any day!

2.)I come from a large family.I have 4 half sisters,2 half brothers(one deceased)and one full blooded sister.My dad(whom I never knew) had 19 siblings!Most all of my siblings live in California but two of us live in Oregon.And we love it here.

3.)I cannot roll my R's to save my life.LOL I have tried but I just cannot.Smile.One of my junior high math teachers thought it a travesty that someone with Irish and Scottish roots, such as I have,could not roll her R's .I hope he got over it.I know I have.Big grin.

4.)I was a redhead as a child.I am the only one of my mom's six kids who did not get her darker Native American coloring.Imagine their surprise when I was born and took after my dad's Irish side!

5.)I am a huge fan of Josh Groban's music.His voice soothes me immensely.What a gift God has given him.I cannot imagine someone so young singing so well but he sure does.I thought he was much older until I saw his picture.

6.)I have been following the Lord as a Christian since my youth.Age 16 to be exact.That's almost 30 years.I should probably throw a party on July 21st.

I am now tagging the following friends:

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Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I'll try to post something soon. The last time I was tagged (by three people), I completely forgot about it ! This time I'll do better.

My mom had seven kids by her first husband (who died young) and then just me with my dad. All of us had dark hair except for one redheaded brother. :)

Sharon L Goemaere said...

Hi Brenda!
I do hope to read 6 random things about you!!But don't worry if you forget.Smile.That is so funny how God plants a redhead in the midst of "dark" family members. LOL I had a male friend when I was younger that had dark haired parents and he was the only redhead of the 3 boys.LOL You've heard the jokes about the milkman...Their milkman did have red hair...LOL Blessings~Sharon

Mimi said...

Hi Sharon,
I got my tag...I will try to think of something and post about it next week...
thanks for thinking of me,

Sharon L Goemaere said...

Hello Mimi!Looking forward to it!Sharon

Paula said...

This was so much fun to read. I have a fairly large family myself (there's six of us) and it's so much fun when we all get together.

Josh Grobin makes me swoon (o;

Sharon L Goemaere said...

Hey Paula!
Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing!It's fun having lots of siblings,is'nt it?As to your Josh Groban comment I think that would be the general consensus among most females familiar with him and his music! LOL He is adorable.Blessings~Sharon

Barbara said...

Interesting to read. 19 siblings, I wonder if they all stayed in touch.

Sharon L Goemaere said...

Hi Barbara...I am not sure of how many kept in touch as I never knew them.But it is my understanding that some did manage to keep in touch in spite of the sheer numbers!Many of them died before I was born(my dad was nearing 50 when I came along).Blessings~Sharon

Jo said...

I love it!!!! And the painting is one of my favorites!

Jo said...
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Sharon said...

Hello Jo!
Glad you enjoyed it and thanks so much for your wonderfully clear instructions on how to do the link thing.LOLIt was as easy as pie.I like that painting too for it reminds me of my sister Sandy.I am older and was born with lighter hair.She is 2 and one half yesrs younger and got Mom's dark hair.LOL Blessings dear friend~Sharon

Teri Leigh said...

This tag thing sounds like fun. Thanks for sharing about yourself. More and more I find that we have things in common. Blessings to you!