Thursday, May 22, 2008


It's been crazy here lately.Last week Salem was sizzling under abnormally high triple digit heat and loads of sunshine.This week we are rainy and enjoying temperatures that are below normal for this time of year.That's crazy.Our lives personally have been crazy too.Unusually busy with appointments of various kinds.Unexpected trips to the doctor.Unplanned for times of babysitting our granddaughter Hope.Times and issues that have produced fear,and tears and disappointments.Crazy,stressful times.I am hoping that it will slow down soon.I long to be able to pursue those things I am passionate about like reading and writing and gardening.But time has not permitted it.My dreams at night have been reflecting the crazy pace we've had to keep lately.Busy,jumbled dreams that were hard to recall upon awaking.A vivid reflection of our busy,jumbled lives right now.In the midst of it all I have taken the time to thank God for His presence and His faithfulness through all this.We have seen Him smooth the way in the midst of all this craziness that has been our lives lately.Places that normally would require us to wait in long lines and such have been nearly empty!His kindness in the midst of chaos.I am so thankful He never changes.Though He may not remove the storm we can catch a glimpse of His hand reaching out to us in the midst of it's darkness and fear and pain.And it is then we truly realize we have a safe place to rest until the storm passes over.

Blessings all,Sharon


Adrienne said...

Sharon -
As I read your post today I thought of a song I love - Peace in the Midst of the Storm. That's what I pray for you and your family. His peace and continued strength for the day.

Sharon said...

Thank you so very much Adrienne.Bless you~Sharon

Barbara said...

Sometimes God calms the storm and sometimes He lets the storm rage and calms His child.
Blessings to you Sharon.

Sharon said...

Amen!And blessings to you as well Barbara!Love~Sharon

Kentucky Bound said...

As Barbara said, sometimes He calms the storm with a whisper, peace be still . . . and sometimes He calms His child. How awesome!

Thanks for stopping by to visit and for your kind comment. We checked on the H.W. family today and the little ones have flown the nest! Off on new adventures, much like their human counterparts here!


Thora said...

I love the passage
"Be still and know that I am God".I hope this happens for you-even if you have to take them in seconds and minutes in between everything else.Thinking of you and yes some swinging is what you need.

Sharon said...

Amen Liz!More often than not He has chosen to calm me. LOL So happ to hear that your little birds have flown off now!Guess you guys are next!!LOL Blessings to you as well~Sharon

Sharon said...

Hi Thora!Thanks so much for stopping by!Im in that peaceful place now.He is so good!As to the swinging... LOL ...They do not make swings large enough for my ample derriere. LOL Blessings~Sharon

sparrow's song said...

A short waiting line or none at all is without a doubt the hand of God moving. Hahaha. No joke! I mean it. Life is much like 'hurry up and wait'. (A military quote) When God wants something done, it just happens with us following along the program and often we're left in amazement of what just went on when it's completed.

you shared,
I am hoping that it will slow down soon.I long to be able to pursue those things I am passionate about like reading and writing and gardening

Well said. I need to get back to sewing. It's just sitting there on the table with my full intention to cut and sew and yet I cannot pull myself away from other pressing matters that seem to overwhelm and demand attention. My latest monkey wrench...jury duty.

Interesting, as you mention, that our dreams often reflect what is going on in our lives. What we crave or what we're struggling with.

Sharon said...

Oh Sparrow...Jury Duty...Horrors...LOL...Yes dreams often reflect my life happenings...sometimes though I can see God's hand in even them!Blessings~Sharon