Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I titled this potpourri for it is not about one specific thing.It is about a variety of things that have all been blended together and have made up my life lately.I have not blogged in awhile nor have I been to visit many of your blogs.I miss it terribly but it seems that as of late the words won't come.They swirl about in my brain occasionally as if to tease me,tempt me,seduce,me,dare me to pour their content out upon this blank page.They come near,and then,like a skittish colt,they run off again,flying like the wind,and I am left alone to ponder their exit.Not completely alone for I know God is with me.But alone in that place writers know well at times.That place where the words seem frozen.Encased in ice as thick and unyielding as an Alaskan glacier.What does one do when the creativity seems to have vanished?When the words refuse to flow.For myself,I pray.I ask God to see me through this time of blank pages and seemingly dried up pen.And I await His warmth to once again blow His spirit,His presence, His breath,His"ruach"( a lovely Hebrew word)upon my life and writing.In this period of waiting I have helped hold a garage sale here in our complex.It was this last weekend.And I am glad it is done.We made a bit of money.And more importantly we were able to rid ourselves of things we no longer needed to hold on to.If we do that with stuff in our physical lives,how much more do we need to rid ourselves of those things that clog and clutter our spirit man.It was good to enjoy the sunshine and cool breezes God graced us with last weekend.We met some of our neighbors and their pets and children.And we survived all of it.If you've ever held a garage sale you know what I am talking about.Smile.Also during the last 2-3 weeks I finished my first ever proofreading job for a small,newly formed Christian publishing company called Revolutionary Disciples Media!They loved my work and want to hire me!That's pretty exciting for this 46 year old who has never worked in publishing ever.It will start small at first but God says not to despise the day of small or humble beginnings.I am rejoicing that I get to be a part of getting good writing out to those who need encouragement or need to be set free through the power of His holy spirit via the written word!If you are looking for a publisher please follow the link I have included above.I think it will be worth your time(of course I am slightly partial).Big grin.That's all I have for tonight dear readers.Be encouraged and blessed!Blessings~Sharon


sparrow's song said...

I get writers block at times too. Sometimes visiting other blogs gives me the jump start of inspiration I need.

Our neighborhood has a yearly yard/garage sale. Early in the morning we can see the sales peppered along the long streets.

We're been cleaning our basement out and giving a good deal to good-will.

Enjoy your new job!

Faithcrafting -- Rockford, Michigan said...

Dear Ms. Goemaere:

Congratulations on your first copyediting job for a Christian publisher! You're a fine writer and will serve others well as what I call a "faithcrafter." Best wishes from Michigan!

Quentin Schultze


Sharon said...

Hello Sparrow~
Thanks so very much for stopping by and leaving your comments.We ended up giving our leftover sale items to another charity here in town.I was thankful to be rid of the clutter and love the extra empty spaces.Blessings~Sharon G.

Sharon said...

Thank you Quentin for your kind and encouraging words!May I ask how you found me?I am excited about this new position.It is a gift from God!Blessings~Sharon

Faithcrafting -- Rockford, Michigan said...

Drop me an email [faithcrafting (at) gmail.com] so I have your email address and I'll let you know. --QS

Sharon said...

I have just sent an e-mail off to you and am looking forward to your reply.