Tuesday, June 03, 2008


It's a lovely,cool and rainy night here.I am relaxing and listening to classical crossover on Yahoo music.And I am just enjoying the presence of the Lord.For me,sheer bliss,for I see His grace in every drop of rain that falls.

Rain is grace;rain is the sky condescending to the earth;without rain,there would be no life.
~John Updike~
Image courtesy of The Morgue File


Jo said...

"I see His bliss in every drop of rain that falls." What a beautiful way to describe Him and his wonders worked in our lives!

Sharon said...

Thank you Jo!So glad you've returned!Missed you while you were gone friend~Sharon

sparrow's song said...

Ah, rain. Just right for curling up with a good book. There is something satisfying about that.

Sharon said...

Amen Sparrow!I love reading when it rains or listening to lovely music too.Blessings~Sharon