Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Couple of Prayer Requests

I am asking for prayer for the following 2 needs:

1.)My older brother Chuck was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer.It is slow growing but he and his wife Faith need prayer.I do not know where they stand spiritually.

2.)Our daughter April may be getting to interview with T-Mobile soon for a full time customer service job.She has been trying to get a job with them for awhile now.Please pray for God's favor and blessing in this way as she needs the full time work.And please pray God blesses her new p/t job as a Mary Kay beauty consultant.

It's another pretty day here in Salem and I feel so blessed by the sun's presence.Though it is to be cooler and a wee bit more cloudy for the next few days it is still going to partly sunny.And that's such a good thing for which I am so very thankful!Once the holidays are past I am ready for spring sunshine and warmer weather!:-)I am hoping to finish up some cleaning projects here today that we began on Monday!I never know what a week will bring and this one was no exception.Which makes me so glad for the Lord's presence and grace in such times.He sees me through all the messes life can bring.The unexpected interruptions and chaos that can throw me off balance somehow always work out when I just simply rely on His grace.:-)
Blessings and Love~Sharon


Adrienne said...

Praying for both needs, dear friend. Your brother and his wife are so precious to our Lord and He wants to draw them very close to Himself and hold them in His arms through this tough time. And your daughter's job interview will be held before the Throne as well as her Mary Kay business.

Yes, the sunshine here in the Valley is a blessing! Let's enjoy every single moment it graces our skies.


Sharon said...

Amen and thank you Adrienne!We do enjoy it when we have it as we know it can go away at any minute.Love~Sharon

just me said...

I am sooooooooooo sorry for not getting over here sooner..... Last week was just too hard for a few days...... God knows no time so I will pray for these two requests today...... Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog...... Praying that you have a blessed day..

Sharon said...

Thank you Denise!!!Love you.Blessings and Hugs~Sharon