Friday, April 24, 2009

Update on our daughter's job interview(s)

We are rejoicing here and continuing in prayer here.Our daughter had her first interview with T-Mobile yesterday and her phone interview today!Next Wednesday she gets to tour the call center from 4:00-5:30 in the evening.Though no official offer of employment has been made we are continuing to pray and are continuing to be hopeful as she has passed her first two interviews.We can see the potential for God to really bless our daughter with a full time position at T-Mobile.It was His doing that she happened to meet a T-Mobile employee at a recent meeting.She has been trying to get work there for a long time now and later found out that they tend to hire those who know someone who works there!So please continue to lift her before the Father.She's a single parent who really needs this job.We are once again enjoying some lovely spring weather here.Steve and I went for a much needed drive in the country today.Since his health issues forced us to live on his disability checks this has been our occasional"splurge."Spring time in Oregon is a true thing of beauty.Loads of color abounds.Clear blue skies dotted with huge,white,cotton ball clouds preside over the verdant hillsides.An abundance of newly born farm animals greet us from roadsides all over.I commented to my husband today as we drove about that I find it hard to believe there are those who cannot appreciate such artistic beauty.I have known such people over the course of my life time and am still dumbfounded by them.Huge grin.God's creativity and sheer beauty as expressed in the beauty of nature never gets old for me and I love that!Have a blessed weekend wherever you are and whatever you do.


Adrienne said...

Thanking God for the positive outlook for your daughter's job situation. Thank you for letting us know about the answers to prayer so far.

We are having the most gorgeous Spring, aren't we? But, then, we always do here in this part of Oregon. The Spring colors are so gorgeous. A work of art from the Creator's hands.

Sharon said...

Amen Adrienne!I just love all the green trees and hills right now dotted with animals and loads of colorful trees and flowers.A tiny glimpse of heaven...Love~Sharon

Barbara said...

The world is full of beauty everywhere we look for those that have eyes to see.

Sharon said...

Amen Barbara!So true!So true!So good to see you stop by and comment!Have a lovely day.Blessings~Sharon