Wednesday, April 08, 2009

A Fish Tale

When they got out on land(the beach)they saw a fire of coals there and fish lying on it(cooking),and bread.
John 21:9
The Amplified Bible

I have a culinary confession to make today.Though I am a fairly good cook I cannot cook fish.My husband and I love to eat fish but it has been the one food that has challenged my cooking skills the most over the years.It seldom turns out well when I attempt to cook it.At least until last night that is.As I said we love fish here in our home.Back before my husband's heart trouble which caused a dramatic financial change we used to even go catch our own freshwater fish.Trout were always great fun and we enjoyed eating them later on that day.Halibut was and still is a favorite saltwater fish.But their hefty price now prevents us from buying either them or even fishing licenses to fish for trout.So,when a local grocery store had Dover Sole on sale for $1.28 a pound in 10 pound packages we bought some(had to buy it in that amount to get that great price;thankfully it freezes well.).We thawed some out yesterday and come dinner time I was getting just a little nervous.I wanted to make a tasty meal for husband Steve and I but those prior fish fiascoes kept coming to mind.So,I did what any woman would do.I asked for divine help.I prayed to God and asked for His help in cooking the fish.I figured He and the disciples ate it a lot when alive on this earth so I could not go wrong asking the One who created fish to help me cook the critters.And you know what,He did.I listened to the Lord's still,small voice as I prepared the fish.He even graciously gave me step by step instructions.The fish turned out great!Fried to golden perfection and we feasted on fish and bread last night.Now please do not think I am a crazy woman.I am not .But I am a woman who believes in and loves God.I am also a woman who believes that God is intimately connected to the lives of His beloved children and that nothing is too small and insignificant to Him.Nothing.And I believe He still speaks to His children in countless ways each and every day.And I,I am learning to listen.
Blessings abundant~Sharon
Dover Sole image courtesy of All Posters

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