Friday, July 31, 2009

Cooler Weather and Grape Britain!

We are heaving a collective sigh of relief here in the Willamette Valley as cooler weather has moved in and we can now get out and about without fear of melting or worse.We had some errands to run yesterday so we left early.I had not left the apartment in days as it was too hot to wear real clothes.Too hot to be out in the sun.Too hot to do much of anything with highs above 105 for a few days there.I needed to have a pro-times blood draw for the blood thinner I take for atrial fibrillation,pick up 2 books on hold for myself at the library and drop stuff off at a local thrift store.So off Steve and I went.We took my favorite route over to the lab for the blood draw.This route takes us through a part of downtown Salem with some older homes of various architectural styles.Victorian homes,bungalows,hacienda styled homes and various other styles are present.As we passed by a small,pink hacienda styled home Steve commented that he liked it.I said that I did not as I have never cared for that style very much.I then asked him why he liked it's little pink self.He said it reminded him of those pink,sugar wafer cookies!I laughed heartily and thought I should have fed us both breakfast before we left.:-)I then made a mental note to purchase some of these little treats when he gets his disability check on Monday!I wonder if they come in an all strawberry package?I guess we shall find out!As we continued on I began to eagerly scan the right side of this lovely tree lined street for my favorite home on this path through downtown.There she was!Still lovely and tall in all her purple Victorian glory!A real painted lady in the heart of downtown Salem!!The house is a pale,lavender gray color with dark plum and dark,blue gray trim and a purple front door for impact!I squealed with delight as if seeing her for the first time.Her beauty never fades to me.She's the prettiest home I've seen in Salem I think.Just on the heels of our sugar wafer conversation I asked Steve"I wonder what my love of this purple house says about me?!Quick as can be he shot back"it's reflective of your love of Grape Britain!"(He knows of my long held affinity for all things British.:-))I asked him to repeat as I was not sure I heard him correctly!Did you say Grape Britain?That's what he'd said alright.He never fails to amaze and amuse me.In times like these a little humor goes a long way!
God bless and keep each of you~


Denise said...

I lived in Grape Britain for three years...... I loved loved loved it. BUT that was back in the 60's .. I am sure that things have changed so much...... BUT the English are such wonderful people. The fish and chips were to "live" for and that does not even to compare to the custard cups and crumpets! Soooooooo I too love anything Grape Britain!
I really had a little laugh at that.. Your hubby has a wonderful sense of humor!

Sharon said...

Oh my but you are a blessed woman indeed to get to live there even temporarily!!!!!Steve and I LOVE English style fish and chips!!!Pass the malt vinegar please!!!And the English are wonderful folks!I am English on my mom's side and Irish on my dad's!Oh and don't forget scones with jam and Devon cream or lemon curd!!!Steve keeps me in stitches at times and I amuse him regularly as well!!!We do laugh a lot for we are just such fun,funny people and seem to find much to laugh about!It's a great stress reducer for sure!Here's to"Grape"Britain!Love you~Sharon