Friday, July 17, 2009

Oh So Hot :-)

We're in the midst of a summer heat wave here.It's been in the 90's for about 3 days now.Last night as I went to bed it was still 89 degrees outside at about 9 pm.So glad we have purchased several stand fans and window fans over the last few years as we have seen them at garage sales.They are really helping to keep us and our cat Shadow nice and cool.We have no AC's in this complex so we do what we can.We nap in the afternoons.I think siesta is such a great"invention!"We stay well hydrated with plenty of water(avoid alcohol and caffeinated beverages as they will only dehydrate you more).We close up our patio door and bedroom window(s)before the heat really hits(here that is about 5 pm).And we close our bedroom mini blinds and patio door's vertical blind so we do not get glare from the sun shining on vehicles parked outside.We take our walks EARLY;like about 7 am.If possible I would go at 6 but Steve thinks 7 is even too early!:-) I use baby powder liberally after my shower(Johnson&Johnson Lavender&Chamomile;purchased brand new at a garage sale awhile back for only 50 cents and it's a big container!Thank you Jesus!).I keep fruit and flower scented body sprays and splashes in one of my vegetable drawers for a quick cooling squirt when needed.I cannot believe I just confessed to that.LOL :-) Oh well.I have done this since I lived in California and find it really helps!All these things combined help us(me)stay cool here when the heat is on.Thankfully these heat waves do not last long generally.However,they are talking about triple digits in about a week here so I am glad my arsenal is well stocked and ready!And remember,God is always good even when the heat is on in our lives and in our locales.:-)


Linda said...

I put in A/C because I just can't take the heat. I am trying to not use it this year except for higher temps. I've had it on yesterday and today. We get a lot of breeze here and that can make it cooler. I really don't like having to close everything up but at least I can sleep at night. I've put body sprays in the frig before. At least the heat usually doesn't stay long where I live. Linda

Mary said...


Here in southern Ontario, it's been a fairly cool summer. This week temperatures averaged 73 F and that is fine by me. It is to be much warmer next week and that means the humidity will set in.

Grandma used to put quilts up to her windows to keep the sun out during heat waves. I enjoyed stepping into her kitchen on a hot summer day, as it was always cool. It tended to be warmer in the evening.

Glad you dropped by my Writing Nook. Keep cool.


Sharon said...

I will Mary and thanks for stopping by here and leaving a comment!73 sounds wonderful right about now.Blessings ~ Sharon

Sharon said...

Linda:My husband actually mentioned looking for an AC this morning.:-)We'll see how this week goes before we look for one on sale here or at a garage sale.I know what you mean about closing up.I love light and open places and spaces and so closing up does bother me somewhat.But my desire to stay cool is stronger so I put up with the closed blinds and such.Thanks for stopping by and commenting.Blessings~Sharon