Saturday, August 22, 2009

I Did It...finally :-)

After giving it much thought I have filled out an application to be a book reviewer for Thomas Nelson Publishers.I am awaiting their approval or declining of my application.I am hopeful they accept me for I love to read and I love to write and I get to keep what I review!It's a win/win situation.:-)And with Autumn coming on there will be more indoor time here once the rain comes.And speaking of Autumn...our weather beginning today and lasting all next week is to be very Autumnal.Mild days and chilly nights are forecast!Just what I am longing for as these so very hot days and nights as of late have been a real challenge here in this hot apartment.Fans do indeed help however they are not as helpful as an AC or a brisk Autumn wind.:-)We are watching an ill granddaughter today till about 2:30.I do not like watching sick people which is probably why I have no interest in nursing on any level.:-)There was a time in my youth when I considered it but I now see that it was merely due to the fact that I grew up having to care for my younger siblings and my mentally ill mother.I did not see any other choice.It was all I knew so could not see any other life for myself.If given the chance or choice now I would go to school and learn all I could about the writing and publishing industry.That's the one constant that has never changed in my life since love of words...well crafted words on a page inspire and excite me like nothing else(unless I am in worship and really feeling God's presence or out in His creation and filled with awe by it's beauty).And speaking of books I have 2 more waiting for me at our local library.Both by Dick Morris and Eileen McGann I think.They are non-fiction(Fleeced!and Outrage!) and I look forward to reading their insightful(I am sure they will be insightful)views on a variety of topics from illegal immigrants to the current administration.And speaking of this current administration I am very concerned about this whole socialized medicine issue.I know several people who would be adversely impacted by it including my husband and I.What are your thoughts?


Denise said...

Oh please let me know about the book by Dick Morris.. I love listening to him on Fox news and he has wonderful insight... but I get so upset at the current government and want to choke them! hahhaah I pray that the job with Thomas Nelson Publishers works out for you... Sounds like the perfect thing for you. I have been missing a bunch this summer and look forward to getting back to the blog world and all my buddies!

Sharon said...

I will Denise!I have not seen him on the news but have read several of his online newsletters and look forward to his books.I understand your strong feelings about the current administration completely.The more I read about this new medical program the more leery I get.I too hope to get this"job"with Thomas Nelson.Several other bloggers I have seen also do book reviews in exchange for free books and I think it's a great idea!I too feel I have missed a lot this summer in the blog world but I hope that changes come Autumn!Love you Denise!~Sharon

Maxine said...

Best wishes with that job. Sounds perfect for you. I am going through blogs in my favorites folder, and I have you there but don't remember how I came to know your blog. Anyway, I stopped by to say hello, as a fellow lover of books and publishing.

About the current administration and the whole issue of healthcare, just know that you are among a growing number of people who have serious concerns about what is happening in our nation. It's a time for much prayer indeed.

Sharon said...

Hello Maxine!
I do not recall how we"met"either but I am glad to see you have stopped by.I was approved by Thomas Nelson and have chosen my first book.Hope it arrives soon.I am not surprised at the growing concern for our nation as I see it and it's values rapidly disappearing before my eyes.What a tragedy.And so many were so eager for change they just blindly voted this guy into office.Discernment,I fear,flew right out the window even among Christians as folks were so eager to get a black man into office.And historically this is wonderful as far as the race issue goes.But I do not like the things he is trying to do regardless of his color.If it was a white guy trying these things I would not like it!So this nation definitely needs some major prayer.I think really dark times are ahead.Thanks so much for stopping by.~Sharon

Debbie in CA : ) said...

The book reviewing sounds so exciting! I can't wait to read your reviews. Best of luck!
: D

As for the Socialized medicine issue: I can't stand the idea of a "system" that would leave my son out of the loop as "nonproductive." I shall continue to make food our medicine and pray to the Great Physician, because I believe this circus we have now is led by clowns and I want NO PART OF IT!

(Yikes! Sorry for ranting. Guess I'll get ANOTHER demerit by my name in Big Brother's book. Oh well, God's book is the only one that matters to me. Whew!)

Sharon said...

So good to see you!I am excited about the book review thing.:-)I am right with you on this whole medical issue as Steve and I and so many others we know would be considered"unproductive"as well.So sad...Love you~Sharon