Saturday, August 08, 2009

We Made It There Finally

We were able to take a much needed break this week and make it over to the Oregon Coast for a few hours on Tuesday!The drive over was lovely.Newly paved road most of the way thanks to ODOT(Oregon Department of Transportation)!The weather was cool and cloudy but after the recent heat wave we welcomed the cool and clouds.We made it to Lincoln City without incident and decided to hit the Tanger Outlet Stores Mall first.They have a Christian book store there called Tree of Life that I like to visit when we make it over there.They have a discounted book section in the back that I like to peruse.3 books for $5.97 is a deal I cannot miss looking at!Once again they did not disappoint.I found a book by Brian Flynnn called"Running Against the Wind."He's a former new age medium who offers a dire warning to the church about the new age practices that are making their way into modern day mainline churches!I also found 2 other non-fiction books by Jennifer Sands.She is a widow due to the 911 disaster.One book is called"A Tempered Faith" and the other is called "A Teachable Faith."I look forward to delving into both as soon as I finish my 2 library books and another stack of books I have markers in.:-)It was a good thing I found stuff pretty quickly for the mall started to get really busy and we hate crowds so we left as quickly as possible.Wanted some lunch but did not know where to go.Steve then said he wanted to splurge and drive to Depoe Bay for lunch at Gracie's Sea Hag.So off we went.The drive down Highway 101 was lovely.We saw bits of the ocean and the bay as we drove south and found much to comment on.Huge waves.The odd blue heron here and there.Bits of driftwood that resembled animals while in their natural,uncut forms!So much to ooh and aah over.And much laughter too which is such a great stress reducer.We made it to Depoe Bay and even found parking in close proximity to the restaurant.One of the perks if you will of my husband's having COPD is his disabled placard.We almost never run out of places to park when desiring to go somewhere.As we walked up to the restaurant we noticed a Swarovski Crystal shop right next to Gracie's Sea Hag.It's sparkly color drew in my beauty loving eyes but our growly stomachs decided to eat first.If,like us,you love fish and chips then we recommend Gracie's.They have both cod or halibut and it is served piping hot and in generous portions!I actually took some home with us.:-)Our stomachs full we then"waddled" :-) over to the crystal shop next door.I love sparkly and I love color.My eyes could not take stuff in fast enough.We spent several minutes in there and even Steve was really enjoying all the color and sparkle.One of the clerks even took some stuff out of the display cases and showed us stuff up close and explained what were observing.There were glass paperweights,crystal flowers and jewelry of all kinds;some even made with Oregon Sunstone!Simply beautiful.Though life on a fixed income does not allow us to purchase things like that we did enjoy"window shopping"immensely.A few minutes in such a pretty place does wonders even if one cannot afford to buy.We exited the shop and decided to head north again to find a quiet spot to look at the water.Once again we were able to see the majestic Pacific Ocean as we drove along.We also enjoyed the many kites and wind socks flying in front of local businesses.Loads of color and movement due to the perpetual coastal breezes that blew.:-)Made me feel like a kid.We ended up at Roads End State Park.There were too many there for a quiet spot but we did find a place to park and look at the water from up top.We enjoyed people watching as well as dog watching.We both love watching dogs at play,especially at the beach.We laughed at 2 young girls who would chase the waves as they went back out to sean and then come back in running being chased by those same waves.Hopefully those girls will remember such things for a life time.I don't have any such memories.We then decided to head back to Salem even though we knew it would be much warmer.But we came back a little refreshed and thankful to God for just a few hours respite.


Denise said...

Sounds like a wonderful day.... You painted such a wonderful picture of that majectic ocean..... It is just such a rush of peace just to move away from all the hustle and bustle. No need to do much just be still and listen! AND I lived in England for 3 years and I love love love Fish & Chips....Ate them almost every day for three years....... YUM! so glad you are refreshed my friend.... The soul needs fresh air sometimes.... with the sound of HIS waves!

Linda said...

Love your picture. I miss the ocean. I'm near water, but don't get the waves crashing. Enjoy. Linda

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Oh how I have enjoyed a visit to the seaside with you. I miss it SO!!! Life has not allowed such a getaway for us, but you have generously shared and I can smell the tang of the sea and hear the cry of the gulls mingled with the giggle of those children at play in the surf.

God is good.

So glad you enjoyed a lovely day with your dear husband. Simple pleasures and delicious splurges make the road less rutted, don't they?

I'm always blessed when I come to see you. : D

Sharon said...

What a huge blessing to have lived in England for that long!Fish and chips...mmm good.:-)My husband and I prefer to not live in the city with all it's constant noise and bustle so when possible we get out of Salem and out into His nature.Away from our city life...His nature restores us like nothing else seems to.Blessings~Sharon

Sharon said...

Thank you Linda.We did enjoy.Was not nearly long enough but did help some.:-)I love the sounds of waves and especially in the winter time when the storms are so immense and grand!Blessings~Sharon

Sharon said...

Oh Debbie..they do indeed make the road less rutted!I am ready to head back to the beach again but life does not allow it at present!We also enjoy trips to the mountains but the sea is closer so that is where we go.Especially nice after school is back in session and the summer crowd has gone home for the year!:-)Then it's ideal there.:-)Glad this blessed you and that you enjoy coming here.I had thought of shutting my blog down at one point...Love~Sharon

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Thoughts of shutting my blog crop up on some days . . . but I just let the Lord decide (it's usually because I am overwhelmed with a need elsewhere and feel pinched for time -- hence, guilty that I am "wasting" precious time here at the keyboard), but the Lord always brings to mind the many friends I have found, the many prayers I have given and received, and mostly the genuine JOY I have shared on other blogs or upon my own. It is good to share and rejoice in the great and small, the lavish and the frugal, in the day and in the night.

Thank you for opening your heart and life that we may join hands and hearts and share in a dance of joy -- we all need it so desperately being in the world but not of it.

I loved your last comment on my blog. If you should ever find yourself in my lands please do let me know and we could meet face-to-face. It may never happen . . . but I do so dream of meeting each and every blogger I have virtually encountered fo a REAl cup of tea and a chat. Like pen pals, we have shared the deep and heartfelt, but it would be fun to share the surface (like a hug) and the silly (like a giggle) and the sweet (like a cup of tea). I carry dreams in my heart for God to sift through. Someday . . . just maybe . . . : D

Have a sweet and wonderful day of rest, my dear Sharon.


Sharon said...

Thanks so very much Debbie:-)Blessings upon you~Sharon