Monday, August 17, 2009


I am so very thankful as I type this.We thought we were going to have to take my husband to the ER today as he was having chest pains.But they're gone now.The nitroglycerine's did their job.Of course we prayed as well as having him take his pill(s).So thankful we have a loving Father who watches over us all.Perhaps God knew we needed a break from babysitting our granddaughter for the pains started just as were to be"on duty."Daughter called in to work and said she would not be in.After awhile the pains just vanished and a bit of lunch took away the nausea.So we are enjoying the unexpected day off from watching granddaughter.We need a break like that from time to time as life can be quite stressful for us without it.Perhaps it would be easier if our apartment was not so small and we both had better healtth,etc.Things like this affect all of us as our granddaughter has to play outside or at her friend's places when we watch her as our place just cannot accomodate Steve and I,a variety of loud children and our cat Shadow(who dislikes loud children immensely.:-) ).Oh, I am also thankful my new issue of"Victoria Magazine"arrived this week!It's the issue dedicated to all things British!And it's one of the few splurges I now have living on a fixed income as we do.Though I wish the cover had something other than food on it I was so glad to see it's arrival in our mailbox this week.I believe one needs beauty as well as bread in life.One feeds the body and one feeds the soul.I love to sit and peruse it's lovely pages and just relax and calm down from the stressors that life hands me at times(like a bank statement that refuses to balance even though I am extremely particular about it's upkeep as well as that of our checkbook).:-)How are things in your part of the world?What are you thankful for today?


Debbie in CA : ) said...

Enjoy peace and rest as God hands out those favors. I have saved my Victoria magazine for my next tubtime soak. It's not quite like the old Victoria . . . but it's the only magazine I subscribe to. (Once I had a dozen magazines flooding my box -- who had time?) Enjoy that magazine and know that I am enjoying it too. : D

I am most thankful for the peace and quiet in my family. All the strife from the outside clamors to destroy our peace, but God keeps a hedge of protection around us and we remain calm in His care. What a blessing!

L.L. Barkat said...

Yes, much to be thankful for.

As for beauty, I need it... oh, I do (and isn't it nice when the bread itself is beautiful? :)

Sharon said...

Amen Debbie!Blessing indeed!I know exactly what you mean about Victoria magazine.It's not like the old one but still lovely!It is the only one I get as well!~Sharon

Sharon said...

Amen LL!!Blessings~Sharon