Saturday, September 05, 2009

Oh So Happy and Excited(Autumn Blessings)

My sister Sandy on the right and half-sister Melanie on the left!

The photo above is of my 2 younger sisters.They both live down in California.And they are making plans to come visit us here in Oregon in mid-October!I have not been able to see them in person since our mom died in January 2001 as life took a huge downturn along with our health and finances in 2002.To say I am looking forward to this is a huge understatement for sure!It's been so very long since I have truly had something to look forward to that I can hardly believe this is to happen.But plans are being made by them and we talk several times a week about their trip up here.I assure them of the ease of the trip for it is a simple one from where they will be coming from to where we are here.I am filled with such gratitude to God that He has inspired them to make such a trip to see us for I have missed my younger sisters immensely.I have 3 older half sisters as well.2 in California and one out here.And a half brother in California.And a deceased half brother who lived out here.So much family and so little money.But God is bringing some of them to me.And I cannot wait to see their smiling faces.Speaking of smiling faces,after a cold,rainy morning we are being smiled upon by the Mr. sun right now.:-)I did enjoy the rainy day though as it was a nice change from the heat of summer.I welcome Autumn's arrival with open arms as evidenced by the changes to my blog theme.:-)I consider Autumn to be "my season"for I was born in late Autumn(November 30)and the"Color Me Beautiful"book of so long ago declared me to be an Autumn by my complexion and coloring!No wonder I am so very fond of all that pertains to this gentle, golden season.Pumpkins,apples,harvest moons,and crisp air punctuated with curls of chimney smoke to ward off the first chill.Leaves crunching underfoot,and brisk winds that cause my cheeks to get even rosier.Back to school sales and earlier sunsets and yellow school buses winding their way through town.A wonderful time to reflect.And clean.Which is what we did this week.We cleared off our patio.It did not take much for it is small.We put away a couple of extra fans from our bedroom.We may have to take them out again at some point due to the schizophrenic Oregon weather but for now they are safely tucked away till next summer.We also put up our small BBQ,a table top model that resembles a smoker!We swept the ground and trimmed plants and dusted and just tidied up for the new season yet to come.It looks really good out there now.And,as our annual housing inspection is coming up so very soon it's a really good thing.And speaking of good things,my book arrived from Thomas Nelson Publishers late last evening.I cannot wait to read"Called to Worship"by Vernon Whaley and then write up a review.I hope all of you have a great weekend.


Mary said...


I'm so happy your sisters are coming to see you. What a wonderful thing to have to look forward to.

I love autumn and was born then as well. It is a season when God gives us much beauty and many things to smile at as the creatures prepare for the long winter.

Love your new look. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.


Sharon said...

Oh me too Mary!I can hardly wait to see them!I am glad we share a love of Autumn.It seems to be a favorite among many people.:-)Though it is my favorite I do find things to enjoy in each of the 4 seasons.Now if I could have that same attitude about seasons in my life!Blessings~Sharon

Linda said...

That will be wonderful. Hope you all have a great time. RYC I don't consider myself crafty, but I try once in a while. I do counted cross stitch well but that's about it. I keep trying to learn to knit but I never get beyond the beginner step, but I enjoy doing it and maybe someday I'll get better. As I get older my hands can be a problem, in that they will start to ache if I sew or knit too much. It starting to feel a bit like fall here, we had quite a downpour today. Linda

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

Love the background!

I was looking for something like that and ended up going with a solid background. But I do like these. :)

Sharon said...

I used to do counted cross stitch and the other kind as well.But not since getting bifocals a few years back.They are so tiny too so I do not do that anymore.LOL We have been raining as well Linda but it has stopped for today.It's sunny and cool now.:-)And very Autumn like.And I love it!Blessings~Sharon

Sharon said...

Brenda!Glad you stopped by!!I got this them from They have a vast array of blogger themes to choose from and I love that about them.:-)I do love the new look over at your place.That road/driveway near your place is just lovely.Blessings~Sharon

L.L. Barkat said...

Sisters in a tree... now that's fun. :)

Sharon said...

That's my family for you LL...Loads of fun when we get together!Blessings~Sharon:-)

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Oh my dear, you have a full fountain of blessings overflowing, don't you? Praise the Lord.

I, too, love sisterly get togethers. I have but one little sis, it was just we two growing up, but what a blessing she is. We will be together with my girls in Disneyworld in mid-November . . . I can't wait!! enJOY your visit. I can't wait to hear/see all about it.

I love Fall . . . it's almost like a second Spring around here. The garden is blooming with abandon and the cool breezes refresh us all. God's plan for seasons in this area suits me beautifully -- a bit of heat, a bit of cold and lots of beauty. : D

Sharon said...

Debbie...So good to"see"you.I do indeed feel so very blessed at present as it has been too long since I have seen my younger sisters.:-)I grew up with them mostly as my next oldest sister is 10 years my senior!How wonderful that you will get to see your sister soon as well!As I have mentioned before Autumn is my most favorite of seasons.It is like a second spring here as well with the arrival of loads of dahlias in bloom around town!And this time of year makes me long to go to Apple Hill outside of Sacramento and indulge in some apple delights!I have not found a comparable place up here in Oregon's Willamette Valley.Blessings on you and yours~Sharon