Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Second Spring

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.
~Albert Camus~

We stand perched on the edge.Eyes looking both ahead at the new season to come and back at the one we are soon to leave behind.We are on the threshold and ready to make the leap.We search our hearts and our minds.What to leave behind and what to take with us into this new season.This time of new beginnings.We take Jesus and all He is and means to us into this second spring.We leave behind hatred,malice and all that is not of Him.At least that is my desire as we approach Autumn and the new year to come(I think my inner clock and calendar must be Jewish for it feels"right"for me to ponder newness every year at this time! :-) Rosh Hashanah is about a week away or so).I desire to truly make this a second spring each year in my life.To see new growth and warmth in me and in my life;my heart.All too often I remain stuck for one reason or another in the winter season of life.Too much dark and cold.Especially the cold.And at times that cold seeps inward to a depth I never dreamed it could reach and it affects me and those around me.I turn off the feeling as a way of escape or of dealing with tough places.Another thing to place before His throne.Another resolve to make.Another change needed.So goes the cycles and seasons of my life.Times of harvest followed by times of deep plowing and maybe even a burning off of the stubble fields that have become my heart.And all done in preparation for another time of harvest and perhaps a second spring.Our Divine Gardener knows what He's doing.



Teri Leigh said...

Sharon, the picture and the writing is so beautiful. Made me slow down and pause and think about what I am leaving and what I am taking into this new season. Could be something to journal about as I anticipate Fall.

Teri Leigh said...

PS - I forgot I wanted to ask you if you had read the book and done the study that goes with it for the book "the organic God" by Margaret Feinberg? Let me know what you thought if you have read it.

Sharon said...

I am so glad you stopped by.Thank you for leaving such kind words.You bless me and encourage me to continue writing.I have not even heard of the book and study you mentioned so I must check it out.Blessings to you~Sharon

sparrow's song said...

you shared,
"All too often I remain stuck for one reason or another in the winter season of life."

Well said. I find it difficult to change from one season to the next, having gotten quite comfortable right where I am. A definite spiritual application there.

Sharon said...

Oh too...thanks for stopping by and blessing~Sharon