Monday, September 21, 2009

Busy but Grateful

Shades of Autumn
Diane Romanello

It's been a busy season here in our apartment.Each year about this time we have to gather up proof of income,etc. and fill out re-certification forms for our local housing authority.That way we can continue to get rent assistance to help with our oh-so-very-modest income.To not be somewhat organized and such could result in homelessness.So we do this.Our life depends on it.We also had a housing inspection.They hold these annually as well to make sure we have lights and heat and running water and that we are not living under slum lords.And thankfully we are not.We are blessed to live in a pretty nice complex that has caring management and staff.And wonderful maintenance guys that keep everything in working order.Add to that our regular watching of granddaughter Hope and an odd assortment of other errands each week and we have been kept very BUSY to say the least.Today we had to pick up some forms at the local SSI office to take back to housing and that was um...interesting to say the least.Long wait in a crowded office but we managed to take care of business and amuse ourselves while waiting.The police had to be called in at one point due to an irate woman in a wheelchair.I do not know what exactly happened but she had to be escorted back down to the first floor by the police.After we ran a few more errands Steve took off to help his sister and her husband pack as they are to move soon.I stayed behind as I had some work to get done here and calls to make.And I am glad I did.I got a call from Steve saying my brother in CA had called on the cell phone for me.I dutifully called my big brother back for I love him and have been in prayer for him on some issues.I was so glad I did.As we chatted he proceeded to tell me that the doctors have said his prostate cancer has just DISAPPEARED!I could not help it so I let out a rather loud"WOO HOO!":-)God has healed him and I am grateful.His wife Faith was having seizures and these too have gone!Oh God is so good.He still heals and I have seen it first hand in my own body as well as the bodies of friends and family!It as so good to pause in the midst of all this busy-ness and hear a good word from God via my brother.It gives me faith to keep praying for others that I know are suffering in their bodies or minds.Like my brother and his wife who still deal with schizophrenia.But I know that God can heal this too so I will keep on praying.


Mimi said...

God indeed answers prayers...I am so happy for your brother and his wife that God has healed them...and pray for continued blessings for you and your husband...

SUZANNE said...

I am so happy about your brothers healing, God is so good, I do not know what I do with out Him...
God Bless

Sharon said...

I too am just thrilled Mimi.Was such a pleasant surprise.God is so very good.:-)I just love Him!~Sharon

Sharon said...

I too am just so happy about his healing as well as his wife's healing.God is just so good!Blessings~Sharon