Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Book Review:Called To Worship

When I first chose to read and review Vernon M. Whaley's book"Called To Worship:The Biblical Foundation of Our Response to God's Call"I had a brief moment of panic.Would this book be too deep,too over my head,or worse yet,too dry?I am so thankful that my moment of panic was unfounded.From the first page I found this book to be enjoyable.Vernon writes in a very down-to-earth style while treating the the subject of worship with all the respect and reverence it deserves.This book blessed and challenged me as it relates to my own Christian walk and how I perceive and"do"worship.I found myself looking deeply at my own past experiences both as a former worship leader of a small womens Bible study and as a worshiper myself.Vernon states that true worship begins with obedience.Obedience to God,His will and His ways.He reminds us that God takes worship seriously and that we are to have no other gods before Him.This book takes us on a wonderful and challenging worship journey through the pages of Scripture;from Genesis to Revelation and beyond.I highly recommend this book to anyone;from the average Christian in the pew who wants to learn about worship to the serious Bible student or worship leader.
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