Sunday, November 08, 2009

Sunday Saying

God has two dwellings;one in heaven and the other in a meek and thankful heart.
~Izaak Walton~

**Still recovering over here.Husband now has what I had and what I had has turned into bronchitis.Sigh...We are now both on antibiotics and cough syrups to help us sleep.Looking forward to being well again and able to go to the complex fitness center once again.In the midst of all this"suffering"we have also seen His hand of provision and goodness to us(when our heater core on our van went out last week, God spoke to someone at church to pay for it for us as we had no funds to do it ourselves;we serve such a faithful God!) and we are thankful.I am hoping to get some book reviews on here shortly as well as pictures of my sister's recent visit here.Just been waylaid by illness and auto repairs and unexpected doctor visits and such.**

Blessings to all~Sharon


SUZANNE said...

God is so faithful, Our TV died about 3 month ago, so we used my little 13" one we had in our home school room. I'ts old, and no longer got the Christian channel, wich I missed. The other night, at 9Pm,there was a knock at our door, and someone brougth us a 26" TV, and now we get the station back...
Praise the Lord.... The person said the Lord laid it on their heart.... God is so good
Praying for you and your husband

Denise said...

Beautiful picture and praying that you two get well SOON........ I love it when God's people listen and the blessings flow..........

Sharon said...

Denise!I too love it when His children listen and obey!It blesses and honors God and it blesses and provides for His children!We are on the mend here.Hardly coughing anymore,etc.Now I need to organize my desk so I can get those pictures posted and organize my thoughts for some book reviews!Love ya~Sharon

Sharon said...

God is so good and I just love hearing stories of His provision!Thank you for sharing!Love~Sharon