Saturday, May 16, 2009

Closed Door

Our daughter recently found out that she was not to be chosen to work at T-Mobile.For reasons known only to God at this time.Oddly enough I seem more disappointed than she is.But I must remember God sees the big picture and to be honest my"sight"can be so very limited at times.It can be too earth bound.Too much like a horse wearing blinders.I can focus with so much longing at the closed door.I can get trapped in all the questions related to why something so desired did not happen.It can blast the faith right out of a person.So I'm thankful that God reminds me that He is sovereign.That He can see the beginning from the end.And that we,as His children,do have a delightful inheritance(see Psalm 16:5-6).That He has good plans for us,plans to prosper and not to harm us(see Jeremiah 29:11).Our part is simply to trust Him.Trust Him when we don't get that desired job.Or when our life is at stake due to a bad diagnosis from the doctor.Simply trust Him for all things.


Debbie in CA : ) said...

I look forward to seeing where God leads your precious daughter. When we follow we trust . . . what greater gain can be found than trusting in God? Jer. 29:11 offers the only platform for comfort at this time, doesn't it?

Pretty picture in your profile. It's nice to "see" you. : D

Sharon said...

Amen Debbie!And thanks for your kind comments about my picture.April had just given me a complete Mary Kay makeover that day and even took a flat iron to my normally,naturally curly hair.:-)We finally have nice,warm weather here and I am LOVING it!~Sharon

Linda said...

My daughter has been looking for a job for several months now. It has been a real test of faith but we believe that God has a plan for her life and that in His timing He will reveal what it is. He has given her some things to do while she is waiting.