Saturday, May 09, 2009

To Moms(and all who nurture or train)

Happy Mother's Day!
Wishing all of you women out there a most blessed day tomorrow.This includes those of you whose mothers have passed on,those of you whose mothers would never win an award,and those of you who may have never had children or children of your own anyhow.I have walked all those roads myself.And,that being said,I know from experience how difficult Mother's day can be.It can be lonely when you are physically barren.It can be painful when your own mother has passed on.And it can be tragic when your own mother has been, in many ways,taken from you by mental illness at a young age.But,whatever your situation,know that,as a woman,you may be responsible for training and nurturing others in so many ways.And that makes you a mother in a sense.A positive influence in the life of another.Maybe not a mother in the traditional sense of the word but that's alright.You too are worthy of some pampering and blessing tomorrow even if you have to do it yourself.So,to all who read this,I pray you are blessed this weekend,no matter where you are,what you do or what your situation in life is.
Have a blessed weekend.


Adrienne said...

Happy Mother's Day, Sharon. I hope you have a day filled with special blessings! ~Adrienne~

Sharon said...

Thanks so much Adrienne!I plan on it.Having breakfast with Steve and our girls.April works today so we'll have Hope.But it is to be sunny and 72 degrees!What a blessing to see nice weather here,eh? Love~Sharon

Anonymous said...

I do hope your Mother's Day was nice Sharon. Isn't it wonderful that God brought these girls into your life?

I sure love the selections of music you have here on your blog. But, then, you knew I'd love them! LOL!

Love to you,

Sharon said...

Thanks so much for commenting!!!I sure appreciate it when some of my"lurkers"come forth.It was an okay Mother's Day.No gifts or cards of any kind.Just breakfast out with Steve and our girls.And yes,I am glad God brought them into my life.Glad you love my music selections here.I DID know you would.After all,we are sisters separated in childhood,aren't we? LOL LOL Love~Sharon