Friday, May 22, 2009

Worth a Thousand Words

I am sure we've all heard it said that a picture is worth a thousand words.If that is truly the case(and I think it is)then the image above speaks volumes about what I have been doing much of this week.I have been resting and sleeping for much of the week.My husband loves to share and he shared his awful cold with me.And it's truly awful.Which is why I have been MIA.Again.Though I am hopeful to be on the mend soon I am not yet there.Just now as I typed a fit of coughing seized me by the throat begging for release.Sadly I had to oblige.Colds at 47 seem so much worse than they did say at 7 or even 27.And we've had all the symptoms.Sneezing,coughing,runny nose,etc.I have not even felt like writing in my journal or leaving the apartment in spite of the absolutely gorgeous weather we have been having.Today I did get out a bit with Steve to grab some dinner(we had coupons for Aiberto's, a local Mexican Restaurant that has to go or dine in food.)We opted for to go.But oh did I enjoy the drive.It was sunny.It was warm.And it was breezy.And after nearly a week spent mostly indoors feeling as if a fleet of trucks had run me over,I loved the outing.I needed the outing.I needed just a little time spent in the land of the living.I needed to feel the sun on my face and the wind in my hair.I needed to see the colorful flowers and shrubs in bloom.And this outing did not disappoint.His grace was there today as it has been all week.And it will be again tomorrow as we have to watch Granddaughter Hope for about 10 hours while her mother works!Yikes!That all being said I will close for now dear readers.It's rapidly heading toward 9:00 PM and I know that 6:30 AM will arrive quickly and on time as it always does each day.That's when we begin to babysit as I recall.Have a lovely weekend wherever you are and whatever you do.And don't forget to take some time and ponder the meaning of what this Memorial Day weekend is truly all about.It's time well spent I think.
Blessings and Love~Sharon
Image courtesy of allposters.

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