Sunday, May 31, 2009

So Excited!!! :-)

I just had to share my discovery this morning!But first let me back up a little.A couple of weeks ago we went to the annual Keizer,Oregon Iris Festival's parade.We had great weather and great fun this day.One of the things that we enjoy about it is the free gifts and such that local businesses toss to the eager crowd.That day we received a coupon to get a free packet of lettuce seeds and a CocoLite Brick from a local plant nursery.Apparently the brick is a growing medium made from coconut husks.We took these items home and soaked the brick in water overnight.This made it expand to about 3 times it's normal size or more and made it pliable so we could break it up into"soil."We then planted the Romaine Lettuce seeds.I am so happy to report that we have little green slivers of new life peeking up through the"soil"this morning!!This excites me for so many reasons.I have always loved plants and flowers and gardening.But due to the turn our life took in the last few years I have had to give up one of the things I loved due to loss of funds/income,health and space to garden.There was not even funds to container garden which often happens when one has to live on disability.One often has to merely provide the necessities of life and often those things that bring us joy and excitement have to go.Or so I thought.:-)We now have loads of tiny lettuce plants growing inside a white dish pan on our impossibly small apartment patio!I love to see new life and green things growing in a formerly barren place.If all goes well we will have loads of lovely Romaine Lettuce in a few weeks time.:-)Well,loads of it by our standards anyhow.Fresh produce is often in short supply here due to the financial issue.Praise God for summer time and it's abundance of produce and you- pick places.This all has inspired me to maybe try more container gardening as God provides the"stuff."My husband Steve has said he wants to try and get some plants and flowers for the patio come this next week when he gets his disability check.Yippee!:-)I love color and have missed having it right in my own"backyard."I am grateful to be able to see it in others yards but there is nothing like being able to see it right where you dwell.Amen?It's been hard on me being in this place of lack by American standards.Not having some things of beauty to lift one's heart and spirit is sheer drudgery to me as I love beauty and always have.It is food,sustenance for this oft weary soul.:-)So,I praise God for this little ray of light in the form of little green shoots.


Linda said...

It sounds like you are going through some of the same things I am. I have one tomatoe plant in a pot this year. I grew roma tomatoes last year and I was able to pick the green ones and put them on the window sill when the season ended and as they ripened I used them. I took a bunch of them and roasted them and froze them. So I'm going to do the same thing this year. That brick thing sound interesting. Let us know how you do with the romaine.

Sharon said...

Hello Linda!
So glad you stopped by.If you mean a downturn in health with your husband that forced him to go on disability then yes,we have had the same things happen.My husband had a mild stroke in 2002 and heart attack(s).I had to stay home to care for him post bypass and post rehab where he learned to walk again.WE were not rich before that but then my health took a downturn as well.So we live on his disability checks each month and have housing help,etc.Not easy at all but God provides.And at times I even feel joy.:-)That brick is interesting!Was fun breaking it up and getting"dirt"under my nails again.:-)Bless you~Sharon

Linda said...

No I just meant that I was already on a tight budget and this year my income took a hit so I'm living partually on my savings. I'm just glad I had some. I could learn a lot more about how to be frugal. I'm going to write about that today. I see you're a christian too so I'm sure He is taking care of you. I'm praying about some needs I have and waiting to see how God will provide or give me wisdom.

Sharon said...

Oh yes...I understand now.And yes,God does provide.I have been saved since childhood and am now 47.Will turn 48 end of November.Yikes!That looks old in print! LOL I see we also share journaling in common.I love it and have been active in it for several years now.:-)Blessings~Sharon

L.L. Barkat said...

Somehow this seemed to me like a poem (as you see, I took the liberty of giving it a title :) ...

"Regarding the Lettuce"

I am so happy
to report
that we have
little green slivers
of new life
peeking up.

Sharon said...

I love it L L !Or how about Ode to a Green Sprout? LOL Blessings~Sharon

speculator said...

Many thanks for your comments!
So glad you're out there and reading (and from the "other Portland!") And all the more, a fellow Christian pilgrim !

Looking forward to reading more of your essays!

Sharon said...

Dear Brother:
Your words bless.We are actually south of "our"Portland and in the Salem area.But that is a mere triviality.Thank you for stopping by to say hello.I think I happened upon your blog via"Christian Journaling"but I cannot recall.Either way I love it.It makes me think.It makes me slow down and really ponder.And I love that.Yours is a blog I cannot fly through on a whim but one I must savor.Blessings in Christ~Sharon

Debbie in CA : ) said...

I rejoice with you over those slivers of green life. This year we expanded our gardening and included pots of herbs and salad greens right on the deck. It is so fun to pick a colander-ful for dinner. Or maybe just pinch off two or three leaves to top and egg salad sandwich. SImple pleasures nourish the body and the soul.

I shall pray that many more gardening opportunities find you. Happy gardening, sweet friend!

: D

Sharon said...

Amen Debbie and the same to you dear friend!Love you~Sharon