Saturday, July 21, 2007

Got Jesus?

Steve and I drove to our local library yesterday to check out some movies.As we drove we passed by several yard sales.We love them but often will simply drive by if we don't see anything we need out on the front lawn.We passed by one as we did'nt see anything we needed.Nothing had piqued our interest.As we drove away Steve said"Got Jesus?"I said"What?"He said"Got Jesus? was on the man's shirt at the yard sale we just passed."Immediately the thought came to me that it is not always whether we have Jesus.Often the question should be"does Jesus have us?"Have a blessed Saturday.

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chrisd said...

I love yard sales and such!

Hope you are having a wonderful week!

Sharon said...

Hi Chris!
Thanks for stopping by!Steve and I have alot of fun with them.We have found many nice,brand new items over the years at garagae sales and such.And for a fraction of what we'd pay at a store!I am having a good week here.Hope you are too.
Blessings~Sharon :-)

Photo Buffet said...

Sharon, this is such a good thought!
(I smiled, too, at your drive-by reference to garage sales. Been there.)

Thanks for visiting Macromoments recently. I think I saw you tiptoe into my photoblog (Photo Buffet) over at Wordpress,too. Nice to catch up with you again.

Sharon said...

Hi Bonnie!
So very happy to"see"you again.Thank you for your kind words.I do have them occasionally...good thoughts that is!LOLYou know I think of you far more often than I actually express to you.It is often when I am viewing a photo-worthy scene...a lovely sunset or a beautiful hanging basket of flowers,etc.I often think"Bonnie would like this"or"I wonder if Bonnie's photographing this sunset?":-)It's really nice to catch up with you again too.
Love~Sharon :-)