Thursday, July 12, 2007

Summer Ambivalence

Summer is so very fleeting;
Hearts rejoicing;Quickly beating.
Ocean's spray;Sea-salt air.
Blissful days without a care.
Sun filled days.Star filled nights.
Thanking Jesus,our hearts take flight.
Cool mountain streams,
over rocks so gleaming.
Warm sun's rays,
on earth are beaming.
So very hot,but have no fear.
Autumn's chill will soon be here.
Written by Sharon L. Goemaere


chrisd said...

I love that picture! I love the tree growing away from the others on that little island of rock.

I also appreciate your poem, especially the line about autumn's chill. Autumn is my favorite season.

Hope you are doing well.

Sharon said...

Hi Chris!
Thanks so much for stopping my blog.:-)When i think of summer I think of the ocean.I wanted a pic that looked more"summery"but could not find one I really liked.Autumn is my favorite season too.I love summer sun but not the heat that often accompanies it.It is cool and rainy in Oregon today and I like it.Last week we were in the triple digits here.Thank you for your kind words.I am doing well more or less.In a kind of weird,hard to define place right now....
Blessings~Sharon :-)