Monday, June 29, 2009

Prayer Needed for a Friend

Please keep my deasrest friend Susan in your prayers.I just found out this past weekend she had a stroke about a month ago.Her husband could not find her address book so that is why he did not call me.I had been thinking about her really strongly and so I called them and discovered what had happened.She and I met at work 20 years ago when I was single and in Sacramento.She and I became fast friends and kindred spirits.She knows Jesus so has a lot of people praying I am sure but extra prayer is always helpful.She is in a nursing home till September.She is 65 years old I think.She is slowly gaining strength and speech back.Thank you for praying this dear woman and friend of mine.


Denise said...

Praying for Susan! Bless her heart... We are a voice in unison when we pray for others...... the Father hears........ if HE hears HE answers.......

Thanks for coming by girl and thank you for your prayers!

Sharon said...

Thanks so much Denise!She is such a dear friend and this came as such a shock to me.And you are welcome.It's an honor...Love~Sharon