Sunday, June 21, 2009

What He Revealed

I'd been in a bit of a funk lately.Okay it was a full on funk. LOL And I was not sure why.I tend to be fairly optimistic but not lately.As I went about my daily life and wrote things in my journal I came to the realization,with God's help,that I was in a place of grieving again.Grieving losses we have faced in the last few years.And feeling there was not much to look forward to in the future as well.What losses you may ask?Husband and I have faced loss of health,finances,possessions as well as friends and family members in death.And it was so overwhelming for me as things happened so fast and in rapid succession at times I could not completely deal with said losses at that time.I was on overload and overwhelmed.So,I did not have a proper time of grieving.A time to get past one storm or trial before the next one hit in one form or another.It left me feeling like something that had been dredged up from deep within the ocean's depth and unceremoniously spit up on shore somewhere.Have you been there?Has life left you feeling ragged?Weary?Unable to function in a normal capacity?For me this was a huge wake up call once again.It heralded my need to get back to my heavenly Father.To once again build up my hope in Him.And dare I say it,to forgive God for allowing such tumultuous times in our lives?Granted some of these things we dealt with are common to all men and merely part of life.Other things we faced were not something everyone faces such as bouts with cancer and heart trouble that leave you staring death directly in the face and hoping that you will win the battle.I had slowly allowed my trust in God's goodness for the future to begin to erode as I harbored these painful experiences within.It impacted all of my life as times spent with Him were less and less and I just felt like I could not be real with Him any longer.I was merely going through the motions.Life and it's trials had won.But then a friend sent me something via e-mail that began to realign my life and thought processes once again.It talked about how some things we face in life will not be explained to us and we just have to trust God and press on not knowing why.In addition to grief I was stuck in "why" mode.Though it is common to deal with this I do not recommend a person stays there long for the secret things do belong to the Lord and He is God and we are not.I read this and the tears begn to flow and as they did my hope began to once again be renewed.Oh,the grief may come again but as I allow it to do it's work and continue to release it to God healing,total and complete healing will come.And for that I am thankful.


Linda said...

I went through a time of a lot of losses many years ago and it left me worn out for a long while, but I can now say I'm stronger for the experience and I know even more God's faithfulness. Losing things opens new doors and it's not always easy to step through those doors. I say it was many years ago, but you know life is about letting go and the process goes on. Linda

Sharon said...

Thanks for the encouraging words Linda.I hope all is well where you are today.:-)~Sharon

Mary said...


There have been many times in my life when I struggled to make sense of why many things happened. It was like a wave of negativity had washed over our household.

In January, we were once again hit with a vengence. One of my jobs disappeared, leaving us financially dry...the plumbing went awry to the tune of $3,000. The van broke down twice for a total cost of $1500.

The first time I was hit was when I was 26 and my first husband died suddenly. It seems that since then, it has been a pretty common occurence in one way or another. Death, finances, burdens of illness...but I look at it as all part of life. God is always with us. It is us who stray.

Life, for some, is climbing mountains and trudging through dark valleys. What counts is the way you face those obstacles.

Praying for you.

Sharon said...

Thank you Mary for sharing some of your story and in such a faith filled manner.I have been finding it way too easy to get off track in my thought processes lately and that is such a bad thing.The gray weather here did not help.:-)But sun has returned and I am back on track more or less.Thank you Jesus!Blessings~Sharon