Thursday, October 22, 2009

Can't Stop Smiling :-)

The picture above is of my sister Sandy.She is 2 1/2 years younger than me and my one and only full blooded sister.Though the rest of my siblings are half siblings I love them equally as well as any full blooded relative.In just about an hour we will wind our way north to pick her up at the airport for a long weekend visit.I have not seen her in person in nearly 9 years;since our mom passed in Sacramento in 2001.Life has been full of changes for for Steve and I since then which is why we never got back to CA to see family.So she is flying north to see us after all this time.And I can hardly wait.It should be a fun weekend as her personality is as bright as her smile.She loves to laugh as do I.I hope my husband Steve survives all the endorphins.:-)I hope to post photos sometime next week if possible.That is after she is safely back home and the endorphins have gone to rest awhile.:-)
Blessings all~Sharon


Denise said...

Oh girl... You two just laugh and laugh and laugh! I wish I had a sister to sit and just laugh with.. I am back to blogging and hope to blog away the winter... Waiting for pictures!

SUZANNE said...

Have a blessed time with your sister, Can't wait to see the pictures.....

Sharon said...

Hello Denise!
We have laughed a lot!I am we ll rested in spite of it.LOL I look forward to seeing what you have to say at your blogs.Love you~Sharon

Sharon said...

Thanks so much Suzanne!I am hoping to post them later this week.Love~Sharon

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Oh I can't wait for the updates about this fabulous visit. Your sister's smile really shines. I'm grinning just looking at her.

I talked to my sis today. She lives all the way in North Carolina, but I will be seeing her in Disney World in THREE WEEKS!!! I'm blessed to see her at least twice a year, most years. I miss her daily. Thinking about a 9-year gap in visits makes me quiver with tears -- hope you and Sandy made up for those years with buckets and buckets of hugs and giggles, grins and out-loud guffaws from deep down in your hearts.

When I was a kid I loved the name Sandy because it just sounded so HAPPY. Your adorable sis looks 100% Sandy.

: D I'm smiling right along with you two.

Sharon said...

This all made me smile.The lapse in visits between us was due to her working and our life going downhill in the many ways it did.She is now going to try and come see us yearly or every 2 years now that she and husband are retired.We laughed much while she was here.I cried buckets on the way home after dropping her off at the airport.The Oregon skies were the color of dark lead and poured forth buckets of tears as well this morning as we drove home...Love you~Sharon