Saturday, October 10, 2009

He Knows Our Needs

What is your need today?Healing?Provision?Peace?Time away?The Father can and will provide.It may not be in our time frame but God is always on time.He never neglects His children's legitimate needs.I have seen it time and time again in my own life.Today He knew I needed some solitude and He provided it.Husband is off helping his sister and her husband move and granddaughter just left to play with a friend.When I have needed healing he has provided it.Like the time when we were getting ready to move in here almost 2 years ago.3 days before moving day I developed a red and hot spot on my abdomen.I had had this once before and it was some type of infection.But this time I had no time to go to the doctor.So,without any fanfare,I prayed.I reminded the Lord of His promises of healing in His word and that I had no time to go the doctor due to the move.And I simply trusted Him.The spot was cool and normally colored within 2 days and all this without a doctor's visit and another round of antibiotics!There have been times we have had financial needs and got unexpected checks in the mail or even found $50.00 bills on the sidewalk.Just last year we needed a vacation badly but could not afford one.He spoke to some dear Canadian friends to have them give us a week away at one of their time share places.Oh what a gracious and loving God we serve!I share all this not to say look at how good He is to us but to say that He is a God who will and can and does provide for His children.We can trust Him.His word says He is no respecter of persons.He does not esteem some of us higher than others.We are all His children if we have accepted Him as Savior.He will meet all your needs as well whatever they may be.Just ask Him.


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