Friday, October 16, 2009

A Diagnosis

As I had mentioned in a previous post I'd been feeling just a tad overwhelmed.Stressed out.Prayer and journaling did not seem to help.I spoke with a local Christian counselor on Tuesday of this week.She's fantastic and it took me some time to get an appointment with her as we kept playing phone tag.:-)After a ton of paperwork and a long chat about my life she believes I am dealing with complex post traumatic stress disorder and the high end of moderate anxiety.I am thankful to have a diagnosis and even more thankful to have been able to talk with someone about all we have been through the last 8-9 years.Deaths of friends and family members.Life altering illnesses that could have taken our own lives.Massive changes financially and in every other way possible.It all took it's toll without a strong support network locally and little social outlet due to having been out of church Christians for a season after my husband's stroke.There was a time I am sure I believed that stuff like this did not happen to God's children.That we were somehow immune to such things and that if we did face them we would not be impacted by them like others.No PTSD or anxiety for instance.How naive I was.How erroneous I was in my thinking.It was merely wishful thinking.Faulty thinking.Christians do deal with such things.I cannot be sure but I believe that for many it goes undiagnosed and the child of God may suffer in silence due to the stigma attached to"disorders"of the mind and emotions.But we live in a fallen world and few if us get through life on earth unscathed in some way.And the truth is,no matter what some name it and claim it types tell you,life is hard at times and not all of the bad things that happen or our responses to them are satan.We are but dust and to dust our bodies will return.I believe if a person is feeling the kind of stressed out feelings I was having then talking to someone about it is imperative.We take care of ourselves if we face physical issues but ,like me,felt a bit stigmatized,at the very thought of taking care of mental and emotional health.We are not just physical bodies.We have hearts and minds and spirits that need care as well.And sometimes extra special care by speaking to a certified counselor or your local pastor(that was who I asked about local,female Christian counselors).I am now looking forward with a bit more hope and a somewhat less stressed out perspective.Changes will need to be made for sure and I have already begun with some.I am once again using the complex fitness center.Exercise releases endorphins which make you feel good,relaxed,at peace and for me,better able to handle stress.It's some great"me"time which for this care-giver is now essesntial.I also get some solitude whenever I can.Also an essential thing for me as I gain my energy by periods of alone time.That is how God created me.So,if you are feeling overwhelmed by life and it's trials or are a caregiver(for instance)in need of some help I would encourage you to find someone to talk to.Your own life and future happiness and well being could very well depend upon it.
Blessings and Love~Sharon


SUZANNE said...

My prayers are with you, I know when one doesn't get and answere, it can pull ones spirit down fast..
I went years not knowing why my lower body hurt, and that it took moving to a new state, a new wonerfull Doctor, to fine my answere. I have bad bones in my joints. I have had 3 hip replacements in the last 4 1/2, and my left shoulder needs to be done. But praise God the shots are working for now.... take care and I am praying for you.....

Sharon said...

Thank you Suzanne!I am looking forward to working through this stuff we've faced and getting to a better place.And with the Lord on my side I know I will.Praise the Lord for shots that work!And praise God for answers.Love~Sharon