Thursday, October 29, 2009

Prayers Please

Please keep me in your prayers.I have picked up some type of"bug"and feel pretty cruddy.Started Tuesday night with a small sore throat and then came on the sneezing,sniffling,coughing,fever.chills,a leaking nose and eyes,itchy eyes and ears that itch way deep inside.I am pretty well fever free today I believe so maybe whatever it is is on it's way out.Praise the Lord if it is.Also,another friend,Marilyn Christine,has developed cancer.Please keep her in your prayers as she is not communicating with some of us and we don't know any updates this way.It's the same type that took her husband last year I think but in a different location.Thanks and Blessings all~Sharon


SUZANNE said...

Hi, Sharon
Yes, I will be praying for your friend Christine, and for you too. We have such a awsome God who hear us.... The best to you

Sharon said...

Yes we do Suzanne and I thank you for your prayers on our behalf!Thank God he hears us...Blessings~Sharon