Monday, October 05, 2009

Doing Time...

...on the treadmill that is!After a long hiatus from regular exercise(please,no tomato throwing or nasty comments.:-))I have once again returned to that sometimes glorious and sometimes pain filled world of fitness centers.Thankfully our complex has a small one that is available to use for free.I was able to walk for just over 15 minutes today.Though it's a far cry from the hour long walks(on a treadmill) I was doing in 2004 and 2005 it's a step in the right direction.A returning, albeit slowly, to that thing that has been a life long issue with me.To exercise or not...that is the question.?I have never been athletic and even as a child was more bookish,more cerebral than athletic.But now that I have survived so much and seen and felt the benefits of regular walking I long to return to that place again.However,me thinks the treadmill doth protest too much.:-)If I were walking on me I would squeak too. LOL :-)But,Lord willing,I will be at it 6 days this week(even God rested 1 day).I hope to make this a regular thing.A commitment to fitness and even greater health(I have always had,thank You Jesus,great blood pressure and cholesterol).Though I may never be thin(I am not genetically predisposed to it)I can be as strong and as fit and as healthy and as thin as my Creator will allow.Fit for a King.The King!Off to prepare dinner now.
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Denise said...

good for you! It is a start.. I hate to diet and exercise! I have fought that demon all my life..... It is in the commitment that you will have the victory! You go girl! I have had to make that commitment this summer.. I have done ok, but need to commit a bit more.. We will win!

Sharon said...

Thanks Denise!I went today as well and oh how good it feels.:-)We will indeed win.I will get it done,Lord willing, 5 days this week as I have to babysit Saturday and Sunday is my day of rest.But 5 days is really good and more than the average I have read at times.:-)Blessings and Much Love~Sharon