Friday, April 18, 2008

A Blessed Day

What a blessed day we had yesterday.My neck and shoulders have mended.And we got to celebrate my husband Steve's and daughter April's birthdays!Steve turned 56 and April turned 29!!I was just struck with the knowledge of what a gift that truly was.Steve was 50 when he had his mild stroke and triple bypass.We almost lost him that year.I could have easily spent yesterday at a cemetary or staring at an urn full of his ashes.I know that sounds morbid but it is true.Thankfully God was gracious and spared him so we could have more time with him.What an incredible gift for my Steven spreads joy wherever he goes.No one is immune from his teasing and humor.In his mind all are fair game.*Smile*We went out to eat twice yesterday.Husband and daughter got free meals so we ate well yesterday.It was truly a blessed day.

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