Saturday, April 19, 2008

Happy Campers

Okay.So we were'nt camping here.*Big grin*But we were happy.We were celebrating my husband and daughter's birthday at a wonderful Mexican Restaurant Thursday evening.Steve is now 56 and our daughter is now 29.That's yours truly in the rust colored shirt in back.Our granddaughter Hope is down front on the left.The only one missing is our son Justin.He lives in Arizona currently.Had they had another sombrero and my head was small enough I too would have donned one.The weather was nice that evening.Not so today.(nice segue,was'nt it?LOL).We have the potential for snow rain and hail this weekend.This is one weird spring.We will rejoice anyhow for we have much to rejoice over.I hope that you too are rejoicing this weekend.If you're in the winter time or season of life,take heart.Spring will return.It always does.


Teri Leigh said...

Loved the picture. You do look like you are having fun. Now I have a face to put to a name. I was thinking you were blond with the little girl picture on your site. Funny how we form pictures in our minds. Have a great week!

Sharon L Goemaere said...

Hi Teri!
Yes we had loads of fun that night.I was a strawberry blonde as a baby and toddler.By age 5 I had mostly light auburn hair and now it is more of a medium auburn.It is indeed funny how we form images of people in our minds.You have a great week too.Blessings~Sharon :-)

Barbara said...

Looks like you had fun. It seems everyone's sprig is turning to snow. Thankfully we have warmer weather forecast.

Sharon L Goemaere said...

Hi Barbara!
We had heaps of fun!And we had snow for two days this weekend.Can You believe it???It even started to stick!It is gone now but still cold,windy and rainy.Much like your beautiful country at times I imagine.:-)

sparrow's song said...

You're wearing one of my favorite colors. I love Mexican food too!

The States are still getting snow? But then you're in the northwest, right? We're on the east coast and finally getting 70+ degrees although rain comes and goes.

Thinking of you.

Sharon L Goemaere said...

Oh I love rust red too!It is one of my best colors.I had a color analysis done many years back.End result:I'm an Autumn.Rust red is one of"my"colors.:-)Yes,we are still having snow in the mountains here and had snow down here in the valley last weekend.It is the weirdest spring I have seen here and we've been here since 1991.Thinking of you too...with longing for 70 degree temps like you've been having.LOLBlessings~Sharon