Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Please keep me in your prayers.I helped my husband lift a nightstand yesterday and now some neck and shoulder muscles are aching.It started yesterday afternoon.Consequently I had a rough night of sleep.I should have paid attention and lifted properly.But I was in a rush to get things done.It was really stupid of me and now I am paying the price for a moment of stupidity.I know there are far bigger issues to pray about.But I am thankful we serve a God who cares about the smallest things in our lives.His word says He even has all the hairs of our heads numbered.With my amount of hair that is not an easy task.*Big grin*No need is too small to bring to Him.And for that I am truly thankful.His word also says that He even knows when a sparrow falls to the ground.A tiny,little sparrow.One of His smaller birds.Some might say insignificant.But not to God.So I know He'll hear my prayers for my moment of stupidity and it's end result.Have a blessed day everyone.
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Anne Bradshaw said...

So sorry about the shoulder. If it doesn't heal in a week, it might be good to see the doctor and make sure the rotator cuff isn't damaged. It happens a lot.

Hope you don't mind me dropping in. I found your blog through the 'Writing' tab on my profile, as I'm a writer, also.

Love the peaceful music, by the way.

Sharon L Goemaere said...

Thank you for stopping by Anne.Hope you'll return.:-)I took a hot shower this morning and it appears to be helping already.Praise the Lord!It was more stiff and sore neck though my shoulders felt it some too.I imagine I will be well soon.Glad you like the music.I really love it myself.Fits my blog I think.Blessings from Oregon~Sharon

Sandy said...

Hello Sharon - it's so great to meet another Oregon friend! Thank you for visiting me today, and take care of your shoulder!

Sharon L Goemaere said...

Hello Sandy~
Good to see you here.My neck and shoulders are well already.Hot showers did the trick.Praise God!~Sharon