Wednesday, August 22, 2007

An Answer

I saw my PCP yesterday afternoon.I was incredibly glad I did.Turns out I have Strep.I don't think I've ever had Strep.I don't think I ever want it again.It explains all the odd symptoms including the rash on my abdomen.Apparently this thing can migrate to other parts of one's body and cause rash,fever,etc.I am not sure where I got it from.It may have been my granddaughter who has had it fairly often for some reason.She is always full of hugs and kisses for me when she sees me.But I do not know.I am on Amoxicillin for it.I pray it is over soon.My body may feel like crud but my spirit is soaring today.I thank God for that.I had anawesome time with Him this morning.Amazing how time spent with Him can help us through so much on a physical level.Pray for me if you think to.I have much to do here but need to rest instead.Thank you.


sparrow's song said...

Please take care of yourself.

God bless.

Sharon said...

Hi Sparrow~
Doing just that.Napping extra long and just taking it easy and taking my meds like I should.I plan on being better soon.Thank you for stopping by.
Sharon :0)

chyblee said...

I think of you often and pray for you as it comes upon me. I felt drawn to you this last month and my prayers have been many. I just read some of your blogs. I pray that God has helped your healing be speedy and that you are now soaring like the butterfly once again.
I do have something for you, but it may take a couple weeks for things to settle down here enough for me to get a chance to meet with you. Perhaps we can schedule a time to meet over coffee (don't know if you like it-could be tea or whatever you like- cake? :)
in the middle of the month, and before I go back to school on the 25th.
Your dear to me, even though I haven't officially met you.
Love in Christ my sister,

Sharon said...

Hello Chyblee!
So good to"see" you again!I am over the Strep and boy am I glad!I am much better.Thank you for asking.We don't get into Salem much.Do you ever get to Stayton?Would love to meet with you!I like tea myself or even just water.I drink only decaf stuff(tea,pop;don't like coffee at all) due to an irregular heartbeat that comes on occasionally.Let me know if you need my e-mail and we'll get something figured out.:-)
Love~Sharon :-)