Monday, August 13, 2007

Rejoicing While Waiting

It's another lovely summer day here in Oregon.It's not going to be too terribly hot and the skies are clear and so very blue!Though it is still August on the calendar I think we may have an early Autumn.It's been down into the 40's in the morning.Some trees are already beginning to subtlely shed their verdant green coats for their fiery red and gold ones.I am happy as the season to come is my all time favorite.It has always blessed me to go from Summer to Autumn.Summer's heat always wears me down.Makes me sluggish,weary.I eagerly wait through the heat knowing it will soon cool down.Sometimes it's the same with unanswered prayers.We pray,laying our requests before God.If the delay is too long,we may begin to grumble,just like we may do when summer's heat lasts too long for us.But just like the arrival of Autumn's chill and fiery color,God's answers will arrive.Always on time.Right when they're supposed to.And,while we wait,we need to rejoice(I need that reminder alot).Rejoicing when the heat is on is imperative,I think.It makes the waiting time more bearable.It brings honor and glory to God.It can even bless those around us.My devotional this morning said something similar.In closing I want to share it with you here:

...and again I say,Rejoice.~Philippians 4:4
Rejoice,My child,rejoice.
Let praise fill your heart and overflow from your life.
Believe in the efficacy of prayer-even your own feeble ones.
My ear is open to the sighs of My children.
While you wait to see the changes prayer can bring about,rejoice in faith
and drive away the scavengers of doubt that would take away your
sacrifice of praise.Praise and faith stengthen and nourish
one another.That is why Paul says,"with thanksgiving let your requests be
made known to God.
Taken from"Volume 1 Echoes of Eternity:Listening to the Father"
by Hal Helms
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sparrow's song said...

I get so comfortable in a present season that I hate to have it change over. I'll hold on to my capris and flip flops for a while more...I hope.

you shared,
"If the delay is too long, we may begin to grumble..."

"...God's answers will arrive. Always on time. Right when they're supposed to."

Yup. God is never late but He's never early either.

Love the photo colors.

Sharon said...

Hi Sparrow:
Good to see you!I do like summer sun;just not heat.God is indeed never late.Or early.Our instant society wants everything NOW.Waiting is hard but so very necessary.And if we must wait then we might as well rejoice...can you tell I'm an optimist?LOLGlad you liked the photo colors.I thought it was real pretty too.

chrisd said...

Your posts are so beautiful, Sharon and the pictures go perfectly with them.

Sharon said...

Good Morning Chris:
Thank you so much for your kind words.I have asked the Father to let me express things in a beautiful way for I love things of beauty;including words!He is the creator of all things beautiful>WE cannot take the credit,amen?:-)May God bless your day immensely.I was so happy when I discovered how to add pictures to my blog.It was just what it needed...some cilor and life!