Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Books Books,Books

But beyond this my son,be warned:the writing of many books is endless and excessive devotion to books is wearying to the body.
Ecclesiastes 12:12(NASB)
I completely understand excessive devotion to books.I am a confirmed and life long bibliophile!I have loved books since childhood.Reading came so easily to me that I do not even recall learning how to read.It is as if I came from my mothers womb knowing how.Now I know that is impossible.It's just that I did'nt struggle to learn it.I am grateful for that.It is a gift from God.A world of adventure awaited me in books.Places I have never seen.Things I have never done.It also developed within me a love for God's word(once I was saved).And that is such a good thing.In addition to God's word I also enjoy reading a variety of other things.Fiction,non-fiction,poetry.The list is endless.I am just so thrilled that the Christian market has just exploded with every genre of book you can think of.It is so beneficial and such a blessing to read something that is honoring to God.There is much stuff written that is not.I am currently reading a book on journaling by Ronald Klug"How To Keep A Spiritual Journal."It's from our local library.I hope to get my own copy some day.It's full of helpful tips on how to keep a journal of your walk with God as well as other types of journals.I highly recommend it.How about you?What are you currently reading?


sparrow's song said...

Reading and writing is definitely a gift from God. Like you, I've been reading since early childhood.

I thoroughly enjoy a good Christian teaching book and even a christian novel. But sadly, there are some labeled Christian that are not edifying or contain a personal agenda or new movement contrary to biblical teachings.

Best to you with your journal journey. I should look into that.

What am I reading? Why, I'm so glad you asked. *grin*

Devotional:" Morning and Evening ~by Charles Spurgeon

Fiction: First Light ~by Bodie & Brock Thoene - which has taken a back seat for the moment for another bunny trail book find.

Teaching: Ravi Zacharias, Jesus Among Other Gods

Sharon said...

Hi Sparrow:
Thanks so much for stopping by.I hope you are well today!I highly reccommend journaling.It has so many benefits.:-)So glad to know we share a very early in life love of reading!Blessings to you dear friend.
Love~Sharon :-)