Thursday, August 02, 2007

Rest For The Weary

It's been another good day here.I've had energy.Joy.All the things needed to have a good day.It was not so just a few months back.Undiagnosed sleep apnea left me dragging through the day.Exhausted.Not rested.Lacking in joy.Weary.Through the grace of God I was tested for and received a diagnosis of OSA(obstructive sleep apnea).I now sleep at night with a bi-pap mask on my face and extra oxygen too.It's not as scary or horrifying as it sounds.It has given me a new lease on life.I saw my sleep doctor today.I have good news.I am now down to only one sleep event per hour.A sleep event is where someone actually stops breathing briefly.At it's high I was up to 69 events per hour.No wonder I was sleepy all day.My body was weary.I was not getting quality rest.But I am now.Thank you Jesus.My daily life and the bi-pap's computer smart card are showing the results.My body was not the only thing to suffer during this time.My spirit was suffering too.I was too tired to get up early and spend time in God's word.Not so now(what a gift).I have recently been using some online bible studies at Anne Graham Lotz's website( .She is Billy Graham's daughter and these studies are great.Very conducive to journaling if,like me,you love to write.I am currently doing her study entitled"An Open Letter to the Weary."It is excellent and I highly recommend all of these studies.If you're weary today,weary in spirit,take heart,and be encouraged by the following scripture.They are from the study I mentioned earlier.

For I have satiated the weary soul,and I have replenished every sorrowful soul.
~Jeremiah 31:25 NKJV
And let us not grow weary while doing good,for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart.
~Galatians 6:9 NKJV


tonia said...

Thank you for the link.

I am so glad to hear that you are sleeping well and the Lord has given you *rest* in this health issue. He is GOOD!

Sharon said...

Hi Tonia!
Thanks for stopping by.Yes,I am sleeping better.God is indeed good.At first I balked at the whole idea of having sleep apnea.Husband and I have been through so very much in our bodies.But then I quickly realized the diagnosis was His grace as it could have killed me if left undiagnosed.And His grace has allowed me to adjust very quickly to my mask as well.Sometimes His grace does'nt come packaged prettily but it is still His grace.

Suzanne said...

Hi Sharon,
Glad you're doing better. I can understand somewhat of what you speak. The doctor has suggested the sleep test for my husband. My hubby thinks though that it is from overtraining for the marathon.

I will check out the website.
Are you familiar with Faith Writers? I haven't joined yet, but will soon. Good encouragement for writers. I'll be posting a link to it on my blogsite soon.

Sharon said...

Hi Suzanne,
Thanks for stopping by!Good to see you.My own husband Steve goes for his own sleep test tomorrow night.Will be interesting to see if he has sleep apnea OR if it is simply all the meds he takes.I am a member at FaithWriters.Just have not entered any writing challenges and such.I should post a link to them here too as I do love to write!Been too busy to do much of it lately though.Sighhhhhh...:-)

sparrow's song said...

Pausing to pray for you.

Sharon said...

Bless your heart Sparrow...Thank you...

Anonymous said...

I just found out I have OSA and was looking online for info about it when I found you! I'm finding your sweet spirit is ministering to me during this season of my life. I'm having trouble adjusting to the mask and am in need of more of His grace and peace!
In His amazing love
2 Cor 13:14