Sunday, August 19, 2007

Petitioning the Father

It's been rough here the last few days.We've had many errands to run and some were doctor's appointments of various kinds.In addition to that we babysit for a full 8 hours yesterday.Don't get me wrong,we love our granddaughter.But we're not in our 20's any more.And our bodies remind us often.But what has been harder than this was the emotional drain I felt the last few days.I received word from a friend here in town this week that her husband has prostate cancer.She also mentioned that a mutual friend of ours who now lives in Colorado has stage 3 breast cancer.A dear e-mail friend of mine just passed away a month ago from colon cancer.I know she is with Jesus now but I miss her presence in my life.Much like the man pictured above(at the Wailing Wall),I have had many reasons to petition the Father this week.To pour out my heart to Him on behalf of my dear friends who are feeling a range of emotions right now.I've even asked the Father why He is allowing so many of my friends to be affected by this awful disease.I don't have any answers yet.I may not have them this side of heaven.But I must continue on,petitioning the Father to grant my friends peace in the midst of the storm and strength for what lies ahead.And healing.Healing on every level that God may be glorified in it!In closing,please lift up Dave and Mary and their family and friends as well as Steve and Patti and their family and friends in prayer.I know they will appreciate it.I sure do.

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sparrow's song said...

Someday there will be no more sickness and sorrow. I've been sick for a few days myself.

Pausing to lift your friends in prayer.

Hoping you find strength to do all the many things you're called to.

Sharon said...

Bless you for stopping by and for praying Sparrow.It is much appreciated.I see my PCP myself tomorrow.Running a low grade fever,headache,slight sniffles and slight sore throat and my abdomen by my navel is red and hot to the touch.May be some kind of infection.Maybe.I shall know more tomorrow.Came on rather quickly over the weekend I think.Odd.But HE is faithful and will see me through.Thank you aghain for stopping by and for praying.
ps...are you all better?