Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Please Pray For Me

It's been raining here lately.Alot.The leaden skies have poured down their precious moisture and I have rejoiced.It's felt good.Refreshing.It's also been raining in my life personally.I see my local PCP today at 12:50 PT.I have something odd going on physically.Low grade fever,mild sore throat,sniffles and headache.And a red,warm to the touch and swollen abdomen(left hand side mostly).So I once again covet your prayers on our behalf.I am believing God for good things on this.I want to once again be free like this butterfly pictured above.Free to soar.To fly high above.Warmed by His sunshine.And blessed even when it rains.
photo courtesy of www.freestockphotos.com


sparrow's song said...

I look forward in being warmed by his sunshine. We should get some here on Friday.

Sweet dreams.

Sharon said...

The sunshine is back here today!And I just awoke from a 2 hour nap!I did have sweet dreams...thank you for stopping by my blog sparrow.:-)