Wednesday, August 01, 2007

A Gift?Yes!

It's another beautiful summer day here.We awoke to crystalline,blue skies,sunshine and a wonderful north wind.We ran some errands early.As Steve and I chatted we both discovered we had desired to clean our carpets this week with the steam cleaner.For whatever reason we had only just now shared our mutual desire.Smile.We drove back home slowly through town,savoring the sun's warmth and the cool wind.Simply delicious.Definitely divine!The wonderful smells emanating from local Mexican restaurants tickled our noses with their tantalizing scents.We arrived home and began the task of vacuuming our rugs in preparation for the real task of steam cleaning them.As I helped with the vacuuming I was amazingly pain free in my right knee.I had recently been diagnosed with osteoarthritis in it.I was actually loving the vacuuming.I know that sounds strange.Who,in their right mind,loves housework?Big grin.As I vacuumed I realized that,this too,was a gift from God.Though many would not see it this way,I do.And here's why.My husband and I have endured many afflictions in our bodies over the last 5 years.Things that God allowed.Things that laid us low on every level.Physically.Financially.Emotionally and spiritually.There were days that we just muddled through.Sometimes we did not even feel well enough or pain-free enough to do the simplest of tasks.Then there is the emotional and mental aspect of chronic pain or illness that wears you down.Depression is common when faced with life altering illnesses and pain(s).All of this combined can definitely affect one's spiritual life.Where is God?Why did He allow this?Does He still love me?Will I ever be pain free?My husband and I have faced all of this.Whether shared or unexpressed,we've both felt it.And the end result has been immense gratitude for the little things.Like a sunny day.A cooling north wind in the summer.Or even feeling good enough to clean one's carpets!All gifts from God,however simple.What simple gifts has He bestowed upon you today?

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